Hey guys!  One Piece Chapter 939 has been released and it’s obviously a great chapter. This chapter has provided us with lots of interesting information about Advanced Armament Haki. One Piece Chapter 939 also revealed that Hyogoro is one who can use Advanced Armament Haki.

Hyogoro said that in Wano, there is a sort of power that one can transmit from their body onto their blade, and he actually demonstrated that in detail. Then, Luffy confirmed it’s exactly Advanced Armament Haki. We also saw this in the past, Zoro’s teacher said the same thing to Zoro, and he used this idea to defeat Mr.1 in Alabasta arc. So, Zoro used Advanced Armament Haki since the pre-timeskip?

I believe Zoro used Armament Haki in order to defeat Daz Bones. He just wasn’t aware of it like how Luffy wasn’t aware he used Conqueror’s Haki in Marineford. We all knew Zoro was a strong swordsman, even before timeskip. But it’s quite obvious Zoro got a power up during/after Alabasta arc. I mean Zoro might have been using invisible Haki on his sword since Alabasta arc.

The scene where Zoro cuts Kuma with Shishi Sonson also makes sense. We all agree Kuma is pretty high tier, and for a low tier such as Zoro pre-timeskip to be able to cut Kuma, he would really need Haki. It’s possible the way Oda is going with this reveal is that there are two types of Armament Haki.

It’s possible that the invisible Armament Haki might be less durable, but it is much stronger than normal Armament Haki This also explains why Zoro was all of a sudden able to cut through steel. Applying Haki to his blade, he overcame steels durability. The “cut nothing” part of his master lesson would refer to the calmness required to use this invisible haki.

That’s it from today’s post. Do you guys think Zoro used Advanced Armament Haki since the pre-timeskip. Don’t forget to leave your own opinions in the comments section down below.