Thanks to Redon from Arlong Park Forums.

One Piece Chapter 1022 is titled “Ornament” (this title translation isn’t fully accurate, it can also be translated to Flower form and the title is also related to Marco).

– At the beginning of chapter, we will see Raizo Vs. Fukurokuju.

– Information about Tobi Roppo’s defeat will be transmitted to all Onigashima.

– 15 minutes left until Onigashima lands in Wanokuni.

– We will see Killer Vs. Hawkins.

– Hawkins has linked his straw doll to Kid.

– Sanji will fight against King and Queen.

– Sanji says that it is difficult to deal with both at the same time.

– Nekomamushi attacks Perospero, who tried to attack Sanji with Candy Arrow.

– Marco blocks King’s attack.

– Marco tells King that he heard a long time ago that there was a race capable of creating / manipulating fire that lived on the Red Line.

– Zoro is recovered.

– At the end of the chapter, Zoro and Sanji attack King and Queen in an amazing double page.

Zoro: If we win this battle…

Sanji: Yes, we’ll be closer to that…

Zoro and Sanji: Luffy becomes the King of the Pirates.