The One Piece franchise is off to a strong start in 2023, with both the latest manga chapter and anime episode trending on social media worldwide on January 6.

However, with SHUEISHA’s and the manga’s long break in the new year, fans have been waiting eagerly to get their weekly dose of One Piece. With the direction the plot is going, fans can hardly wait to get a peek into the adventures of our favorite pirates.

Luckily, One Piece Chapter 1072 spoilers are finally out. The spoilers are brought by Redon, who wanted to dedicate the early leaks to Jmena.

One Piece 1072 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1072 is titled “The Weight of Memory” with Queen, Judge, and Caesar creating weapons on the cover.

Chapter 1072 starts with a flashback where Dr. Vegapunk is explaining Kuma’s powers. Vegapunk explains that Kuma’s power can turn intangible things into tangible things. For example, he used this power to turn Luffy’s pain into a giant ball in Thriller Bark.

Vegapunk explains how Kuma’s power can even generate signals from the nervous system of anyone that it is used upon; creating a sense of pain, triggering thoughts, or even past memories.

Vegapunk wants to work with Kuma so that they can explore his powers and “materialize Kuma’s own memories so that he can figure out the weight of memories.”

Cut to Zoro vs Kaku

Kaku is revealed to be an Awakened Devil Fruit user. He uses his awakened form on Zoro, but Zoro ultimately defeats him.

Kaku’s awakened form doesn’t have the flying clouds that are seen in Luffy and Lucci’s awakened forms.

After the Onigashima Arc, Zoro hasn’t been seen using the Advanced Haoshoku Haki. Even in his fight against Kaku, the swordsman doesn’t use Haoshoku.

Chapter 1072 also reveals Stussy to be a clone. It turns out that Stussy is a clone of a former Rock Pirates crew member called Miss Buckingham Stussy.

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