It’s a little sad, but with the confirmation that this is the final saga, there’s a good chance this is our last recruit. I’ve been thinking that long before saga confirmation though, and with story events as they are, this is a fitting time for the “recruitment phase” of the story to end.

Besides the timing of remaining chapters, two more things suggest this.

– Blackbeard, the man we assume will be our final antagonist, has his crew of 10 titanic captains.

The Strawhats have hit 10 members + Luffy after the addition of Yamato. And now that Luffy is more or less officially a Yonko, his crew in a very symbolic way could be seen as complete. Zoro, Nami, Ussop, Sanji, Chopper, Robin, Frankie, Brook, Jimbei, Yamato.

The fact it mirrors Blackbeard’s 10 titanic captains is a pretty strong sign that this is it. It makes sense that each crew member will have to fight whoever is their equivalent on the other team for what is likely the final pirate crew vs pirate crew fight.

– When Luffy first set out, he specifically mentions that he needs a crew and that “about 10 men will do”.

And although everyone insists that what Luffy said a decade ago isn’t a useful source, I think it’s more like a message from Oda to us through the mouth of Luffy. Luffy will have 10 people in his crew. Whether or not he included himself was still ambiguous but with Yamato I think it’s clear he doesn’t count himself.

We now have 10 people total who joined the crew and are permanent members of the crew. Also, Yamato as the last member is also a parallel to Oden being the last member of Roger’s crew.

Theory by Liefblue (