One Piece fans have been waiting since Dressrosa to see the Straw Hat Grand Fleet in action. Many fans believed that the Straw Hat Grand Fleet would appear at Wano to help Luffy fight the Beasts Pirates. However, until now we have not seen their appearance. Will they appear at Egghead to help the Straw Hat Pirates fight against Saturn, Kizaru and the vice admirals?

I do think the Straw Hat Grand Fleet will make an appearance just not at Egghead Island. If anything I think this incident making the news will bring more attention from his fleet that they should mobilize toward his location. But Post-Wano they’d have no reason to rush to Luffy. As far as they know he beat Kaido and is an emperor now, so he’s safe.

Originally, it just seemed like Egghead was an introduction to Vegapunk and the implications behind it. Now, it turns out Egghead is establishing the Race for the One Piece by highlighting each of the Yonkou.

Kidd and Law are out of the race via two of the four Emperors, which in turn showcased why Shanks + Blackbeard hold their titles (and that’s without even mentioning the Garp situation).

Buggy, as much as a meme as he is, finally put his food down like we all always wanted. And the backing he has in Cross Guild is no joke.

It’s now Luffy and his crew’s turn, which I think just started as of this chapter. Suddenly going back to Egghead and it turns out not only have the Seraphim (in some way) have been taken care of, but likewise they’re manipulating York into revealing all the info they’d need to control the situation?

Luffy will have to prove himself to the world that he is worthy of being a Yonko, so he still does not need the support of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet.

There’s a reason Kizaru, Vice Admirals, and a member of the Gorosei are present at the island where “a shocking incident” occurs. The Straw Hats are about to show why they’re now an Emperor and his crew. Let’s see!