Bogard is a Marine Headquarters officer and the right hand man of Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp. In Chapter 1088 of One Piece, Bogard’s presence has not yet been revealed, but with Garp’s defeat in the fight against the Blackbeard Pirates, fans are eager to see Bogard in action.

From the very beginning, Bogard has always been right by Garp’s side, accompanying him on their journeys to different places. He is a loyal member of the navy and Garp’s trusted right-hand man.

Bogard’s first appearance in the manga was in Chapter 92, when he met Luffy’s crew in Water Seven. Since then, he has played a crucial role in training characters like Koby and Helmeppo.

When it comes to Bogard’s appearance, he wears a navy cloak and a hat that covers his eyes, giving him a mysterious demeanor. He is always seen carrying a sword with a gray handle that is shaped like a cross. His skills in swordsmanship are exceptional, as he has demonstrated by effortlessly cutting Koby and Helmeppo’s weapons.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Bogard’s character is his history with Garp. Twenty-seven years ago, they were together at the Kong office when Garp was offered a promotion to admiral. However, when news of the Battle of Edd War reached the marines, Garp decided to decline the promotion and join the fight against the pirate crews of Roger and Whitebeard. Bogard, loyal to Garp, nodded to Fleet-Admiral Kong and left the office with Garp, ready to confront Gol D. Roger in the New World.

Fans of One Piece are captivated by Bogard’s background story and eagerly await his anticipated appearance in the battle against Blackbeard. His role in training characters like Koby and Helmeppo highlights his importance within the series and serves as a testament to his skills as a formidable ally in fights against powerful opponents.

What sets Bogard apart is his unwavering loyalty to Garp. Despite the dangers they face, Bogard is always by Garp’s side, willing to accompany him on dangerous missions.

The character of Bogard in One Piece is highly anticipated by fans. In a way, his appearance and mysterious demeanor is helping to fuel theories from One Piece fans that he’ll soon arrive at Hachinosu to save Garp.

Unfortunately, until that happens, it’s incredibly hard to gauge how strong Bogard is and how meaningful his presence at Hachinosu would be. Even giving him the benefit of the doubt regarding his swordplay, it’s unclear if he’s able to use Advanced Haki or not. These questions will likely be answered if he does appear at Hachinosu.