In chapter 1062, Oda introduces photonic gloves which can be used to physically interact with and affect light. My first thoughts upon reading this is this opens up the option for a non-haki user to be able to fight Kizaru. Yes sea stones exist, but those are pretty hard to come by. As I finished the chapter, another thought came up.

At the end of the chapter Lucci wonders if the order to eliminate Vegapunk was sent out as a result of what happened to Lulusia?

Looking back at the weapon that destroyed Lulusia in chapter 1060, that weapon is possibly using light to destroy its targets. With the introduction of photonic gloves, it is very much possible for there to be a larger photonic device. Vegapunk could be trying to destroy the weapon or prevent future targets from being destroyed. This would explain why the government is trying to take him out now. But why would he do that? Does he not work for the government?

His motives are a bit muddy but here is what I came up with. Throughout the chapter, Vegapunk’s bodies have been complaining about limited resources and funds. We know he is funded by the government so why would he bite the hand that feeds him?

Over time the government slowly got more and more strict with how he used his funds and what he was creating on the island. It got to the point where he could only create inventions for the government. This built up over time and he is retaliating now.

It is also possible that Vegapunk made a discovery that would put the world government in danger and they have found out what Vegapunk realised. That would be detrimental to their relationship and they would no longer be on mutual terms. Vegapunk’s moral compass is also in question. Whether he cares about what the world government does or who dies. Lucci might know something that we, as readers, do not.

This is just some food for thought. Please let me know your thoughts.

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