I’m seeing a lot of people complaining about Luffy’s new power and why the government didn’t pursue Luffy harder. Well, I could be wrong about this so feel free to interject if you guys remember anything I may have forgotten, but this is how I see it.

I think that the Gorosei didn’t tell anyone else what the fruit was. How can you trust anyone to give that fruit to you if they knew what it really was? The ability to turn you into a god?

No, they kept that a secret, even from the admirals. Luffy turning up at Marineford was the first time that they see his power for themselves. The Gorosei don’t set bounties on pirates as low as Luffy before Marineford so had no idea what Luffy could do, he’s just some low level, no name pirate of no concern to them.

There’s a war going on against a Yonko at Marineford which is being publicly broadcast so they don’t have time or the inclination to do anything there. After that Luffy disappears for 2 years having been (what looks like) fatally injured.

He turns up at Sabaody and his escape (not that the Gorosei knew he was there immediately) is assisted by the various people who helped train the crew.

Luffy disappears again to their knowledge until Dressrosa, they don’t tell anyone about Luffy’s power still, again you can’t trust anyone who knows what that fruit can really do to give it to you so instead they send admiral Fujitora who sees how decent a person Luffy is, and the oppression the government has allowed to happen in Dressrosa and refuses to arrest Luffy.

Luffy is not seen again until Whole Cake island. OK well this is Yonko territory, the information they have indicates Luffy hasn’t awakened his fruit, so Big Mom will deal with him, problem solved right?

Until it’s reported that Luffy escapes her clutches and is now in Wano, clearly they can’t just hope a Yonko will kill Luffy, so they try to assassinate him, but this is ironically what awakens his fruit and realises what he can do.

Admittedly this all hinges on the Gorosei not telling anyone what Luffy’s fruit really is, but it does make sense that they wouldn’t.

Theory by Tinbum-Nick01 (https://www.reddit.com/user/Tinbum-Nick01)