Hey guys! Welcome to my new post. In this post, I want to talk about Luffy’s current power level and why he is not at the same level as Admirals. I have seen a lot of people said that Luffy is close to or already at Admiral level of power, but in my opinion, he is still not at their level.

In the One Piece World, the Admirals are the most powerful people and close to Yonko level. I don’t think anyone can defeat them except the Yonko.

I think the biggest reason makes people disregard the Admirals and don’t see how strong they really are is because Whitebeard defeated Akainu in a pretty epic fashion at Marineford.

But remember that Akainu literally made Whitebeard, known as the “Strongest Man in the World”, fall to his knees. Who else do you guys think that can do that? Only another Yonko would have a feasible chance of accomplishing such a feat.

Also,  a few minutes after being defeated, Akainu got up and chased after Luffy and Jinbe to stop them from escaping.

Moreover, after taking all that damage from Whitebeard, was attacked by Marco and Vista at the same time, and they were not able to even damage him. He remarked that they were irritating to him.

All these things make me believe that the Admirals are very close to the Yonko in powers. And we all know there is a large gap between the Yonko and their Commanders.

After defeating Katakuri, Luffy is now at the same level as Yonko Commanders or maybe a little bit stronger. However, he will not be able to defeat the Admirals with that level at this time.

This is from today’s post. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to leave your own opinions in the comments section down below.