In One Piece Chapter 1035, we saw King’s flashback and the creation of the Beast Pirates. What intrigued me the most was the fact that at that time, Kaido seemed really happy, had a big smile on his face and was talking about how he was the only person who could change the World.

But as we all know now, present day Kaido is an alcoholic that wants to die. Thus, I was wondering: how did Kaido go from a happy person that wants to change the World to an alcoholic that wants to die?

When Kaido defeated Luffy in Chapter 1014, Kaido said “ You couldn’t be Joyboy either”. So, who was the other person Kaido was talking about that couldn’t be Joyboy?

Here’s my theory: When he was younger, Kaido thought that HE WAS JOYBOY. That’s why he told King he was the only person who could change the World. But something made Kaido realise that he was not Joyboy, or maybe he failed to become Joyboy, and that’s why he changed.

I think that Kaido knows part of the hidden mysteries from Rocks D. Xebec, he probably already tried to achieve the duty of the JoyBoy and failed. The way Kaido recruited King was really similar to the way that Luffy recruited Zoro. There’s a clear parallel between Luffy and Kaido, and maybe Kaido is like a Luffy whose dreams got crushed.

Maybe that’s why Kaido is in Wano. He knows that Joyboy will eventually be there, so he wants to meet the real Joyboy, and fight him. That might have a connection to how Shanks stopped Kaido from going to the Marineford as well.

I don’t know what happened and what made Kaido realise he couldn’t be Joyboy, but we’re probably going to find that out in his fight against Luffy. Do you guys have any ideas of what happened? I want to hear your theory.