Robin will be very close to being captured by the Marines or CP0 (specifically Rob Lucci), and Sanji will be the one to save her. I am positive of this.

Evidence and Reasons :

1: Sanji is the most equipped to pulling a sneak operation on people who are pulling a sneak operation. With his new upgrades (and potential future upgrades), I don’t think he will be extremely hurt to the point of not being able to move, compared to Luffy and Zoro who might very well be on the doorstep to death when their fights are over.

2: This can be a way for Sanji to repay Robin for saving him from Black Maria.

3: SORA: WARRIOR OF THE SEA – In this comic strip, Germa 66, the evil organisation fights against Sora, a righteous Marine. Sora’s hat has a bird on it, and he is accompanied by a Transforming Robot. And Sora’s biggest enemy was Stealth Black.

See where I’m going with this? Sora might be Rob Lucci. The bird on his hat might be Hattori. The robot might be SSG. And Stealth Black is Sanji.

But it can just be the Marines and SSG on general. Point is the comic strip might foreshadow Sanji taking on the Marines, and now might be a great time to do it.

4: Sanji fulfills his promise to Kuma, and becomes the man the Marines fear the most.

The World Government is going to be stopped by The Revolutionary Army.

In Dressrosa, the Revolutionary Army was investigating the weapons being sold by Doflamingo. They specifically said they wanted to find the source of these weapons. Kind of a weird detail if there is no pay off. This investigation is going to take them to Wano. The source of the weapons. When they arrive, they are gonna encounter the World Government, and we are finally gonna see Monkey D. Dragon in action.

Imagine Monkey D. Dragon fighting Kizaru or Green Bull. This could be a parallel to Sabaody. When Kizaru tried to kill Zoro, Rayleigh saved him. The same way, when Kizaru tries to kill or arrest Luffy, Dragon saves him.

It also ties in with the core ideology of the Revolutionary Army. They liberate islands from World Government’s control. They could stop Wano from being annexed by the World Government.

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