One Piece chapter 1056 was released last week, and it was like any other week a typical Oda chapter. The latest One Piece chapter was very packed with much information. Also, 1056 carried some reveals and left some questions.

Two people left the biggest and most confusing question. First, it was Caribou, and then it was Eustass Kid. Caribou after hearing Luffy and the others talk about Pluton’s appearance, he mentioned ‘a certain man’ who might be interested in that information.

Right after the Caribou part, we see another mysterious character’s introduction. Kid and Killer after receiving their second Road Poneglyph talks about getting the One Piece. Killer says they need to find “that guy” whom Kid refers to as “the man marked by flames”. This one phrase spread flames in the One Piece fan world. People started theorizing and predicting who he might be. We think that man might be Urouge. And here is why!

While Urouge doesn’t have a burn mark, he does have tattoos on both his arms of flames making him literally “marked by flames”.

The first time the Supernovas are introduced you see Law smile just before Urouge appears to strike Killer (EP. 392, 20:30), indicating sort of a connection between them, which would explain why Law immediately understood who Killer was talking about.

As Killer said they forced a Big Mom commander to give up the Road Poneglyph, Urouge probably did too when he defeated Snack, so maybe there is a deeper connection there.

Furthermore, Urouge was last seen sitting on a cloud directly above the island where Kid’s crew was when Kaido was revealed falling from the sky island.

Finally, Urouge is a good guess since he is a Shandian, and he hasn’t had enough story screen time like all the other supernovas (minus Jewellery Bonney).