Everybody knows the Marines defeated the Whitebeard pirates. Many people said that the Marines won this war because they achieved their primary objective of killing Ace.

But was killing Ace their primary objective, or was killing the next Pirate King and ending the great pirate era their objective? From Sengoku’s execution speech, it is clear that the Marines just assumed Ace was the heir to Roger based on his lineage alone. However, they were clearly wrong, as Ace’s goal was not to be Pirate King, it was just to find a place where he felt welcomed, valued, and loved despite his “demon’s blood.” He found that on the Moby Dick.

At Marineford, if their goal was to kill the next Pirate King, they failed that objective when Whitebeard hit Akainu and destroyed Marineford, creating that chasm that allowed Luffy to be saved and escape. And if their goal was to end the pirate era, they failed that objective when Whitebeard announced the One Piece exists.

They failed at the big picture objective which was to stop the pirate swell. They thought by killing Whitebeard, the most infamous pirate who clashed with Roger, and Roger’s son Ace they could weaken the hearts of those who wanted to set sail and search for the One Piece. However, it backfired when Whitebeard reinvigorated the era with his final words. Therefore, the mini war objectives were achieved but it failed to have the intended effect due to Whitebeard.

Who won the battle of marineford?

I’m not saying the Whitebeard Pirates won the war, I’m just saying I don’t think the Marines achieved their primary objectives. I think Whitebeard saving Luffy and reigniting the pirate era is why he was able to die with his pirate pride intact despite the loss.

In my opinion, the only one who achieved his primary objective is Blackbeard. He used the Marines to take down Whitebeard, as well as stole his devil fruit. What do you think about this? Don’t forget to leave your own opinions in the comments section down below.