As we all know this year started with Chapter 1000, and it will be ending with Chapter 1035, giving us 36 chapters per year on average.

Oda says he wants to end the series in 5 years, (barring things like the Corona getting in the way that started messing up the schedule, let’s just say optimistically best case scenario the 5 years now begins starting in 2022).

Now before anyone says “Oda said 5 years to find the One Piece, not 5 years to end the series” or “Oda always says the series is ending”. I believe those are misconceptions/mistranslations, he’s always been very consistent on his timeframe. So, keeping that timeframe in mind, That means 180 chapters left in the series, ending at Chapter 1215.

Let’s also say Wano ends at exactly 150 chapters total, or at Chapter 1059, which should be enough time for all the remaining plot points and a large post-arc, meaning 24 chapters left of Wano, and 156 chapters left afterwards. Oda once said that Wano will be longest arc in the series, and the “final saga” is coming up next (Probably comprised of multiple arcs like Elbaf, Laugh Tale, and Final War) or around Volume 121. This also puts One Piece’s ending at 2026-2027, which just so happens to be One Piece’s 30th anniversary.

Here’s my prediction for how it could go down.

Volume 102 – Current, ending with next chapter.

Volume 103 – King and Queen ending, Luffy vs Kaido, Kaido’s flashback.

Volume 104 – Luffy vs Kaido ends.

Volume 105 – End of Wano, Kaido and Big Mom exit the story.

Volume 106 – Wano to Elbaf transition, brief scuffle with Weevil.

Volume 107 – Elbaf arc, Luffy and Shanks reunite.

Volume 108 – Elbaf arc, Strawhats vs Red Hair Pirates Davy Back fight.

Volume 109 – Elbaf arc, Luffy vs Shanks and Zoro vs Mihawk final round, meet Vegapunk.

Volume 110 – End of Elbaf, Blackbeard arrives and kills Shanks.

Volume 111 – Luffy chases Blackbeard, fight on God Valley.

Volume 112 – Strawhats vs Blackbeard Pirates.

Volume 113 – Luffy vs Blackbeard, Blackbeard defeated, to Laugh Tale.

Volume 114 – One Piece discovered, history of the world and Imu.

Volume 115 – History learned, meet the revolutionaries and all allies on Lodestar Island.

Volume 116 – Raid on Mary Geoise, Final War begins.

Volume 117 to Volume 121 – Final War. Strawhats vs Final opponents, Luffy vs Imu, and Ending.

Even though it feels like there aren’t that many chapters to go, I think there’s more than enough time to wrap up everything in a satisfactory way and have a massive final saga that doesnt rush anything.

Theory by Ocean Man (