In chapter 1069, we learned that Devil Fruits were born from desires and dreams. IMMEDIATELY, this makes me question: What would the Devil Fruit of Luffy and Roger’s dream be?

Their dream was one of THE BIGGEST mystery presented at Wano. And Oda has time and time again intentionally brought up these 2 declaring their dreams only to cut it off for us readers. Their dream is VITAL to the final conclusion of One Piece yet at the same time, us readers are NOT supposed to know what it is.

THEN, it clicked. What is their dream? Why aren’t we supposed to know it? Why was Roger too early? And what is one of the greatest treasures a pirate could find in One Piece? Isn’t it so simple?

The One Piece is a Devil Fruit. And it is THE Devil Fruit of Luffy and Roger’s dream. Their dream is One Piece and One Piece is their dream. IT IS NOT THE NIKA SINCE THEIR DREAM IS NOT LIBERATION, ESPECIALLY NOT ROGER.

When Roger and crew came to Laugh Tale, they didn’t find the One Piece. What they found was a funny story, one which perhaps detail the dreams of Joyboy , the dreams that perhaps Roger inherited.

They were too early simply because the Fruit hadn’t existed yet. This is the biggest chink in the theory as to why it wouldn’t have existed. My best guess is that there needs to be certain conditions, such as, enough desire from many people for a fruit to manifest/awaken, similar to Nika Fruit. This would explain why Roger turned himself in.

The public execution was THE SINGLE BIGEGST PLATFORM he could’ve had to spread the seeds of desire for the One Piece. And perhaps that’s why the government SHAT themselves when Whitebeard affirmed its existence. That coupled with Luffy, who shares the same dream and has the will to fulfill it, might be the condition to manifest the fruit.

Remember that Luffy and Roger’s dream is SO ridiculous that almost everyone who knows is dumbfounded by it. The Roger Pirates laughed because someone else out there share the same ridiculous dream as Roger. That’s why Roger wanted to live in the same time with Joyboy, the og or Luffy, as they share his dream.

That’s why Rayleigh warned that the SH might come to a different conclusion from Roger Pirates. Remember that almost everyone is dumbfounded when hearing their dream. Some concludes that it’s utter bullshit while others were moved by it.

Perhaps, just as everything else in One Piece, it’s always BEEN A PUN. It’s not One Piece. It’s WANT Piece.Or Want Peace if you really into the Luffy wants World Peace theory but i rlly doubt it


Since everyone is automatically assuming I’m talking about the Nika for some reason, no I DO NOT think that One Piece is the Nika. Nor do i think that Nika is the Devil Fruit of Luffy and Roger’s dream. We DO NOT know what their dream is. Oda has specifically hidden it from us EVERY TIME it was brought up because we’re NOT supposed to know. Therefore, i believe it CANNOT be Liberation/Nika.


Who’s gonna eat the new fruit? Some have brought up Blackbeard as a precedent for eating more than 1 DF. I, who am on serious crack, believes that the straw hat will eat the One Piece. The hat is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT ELEMENT IN THE ENTIRE STORY.

There HAS to be a reason

Don’t forget it was passed down from Roger all the way to Luffy, almost as if passing down his will and dream. shanks specifically talked about how Luffy said the same words his captain did when speaking of Luffy’s dream. Perhaps that was the decisive factor that lead to him giving Luffy the hat and betting on Luffy being Joyboy. Perhaps then the hat symbolises their dream.

The Straw Hat is Luffy’s greatest personal treasure. This was established since Orange Town. I personally doubt that even the One Piece would be more valuable to Luffy. But then that would take away from the weight of the One Piece as a treasure.

Don’t forget that a frozen Straw Hat is seemingly Mariejois’ greatest treasure. If the hat both symbolises Roger’s and Luffy’s dream and is also Luffy’s and Mariejois’ greatest treasure , doesnt it make sense then for Luffy’s greatest personal treasure to eat the greatest treasure in the world and literally become his dream?

Theory by sh14w4s3 (