Hey guys! Today, I want to share a little theory about what Vegapunk’s weapon is, and why it’s enough to abolish the Shichibukai system. If this theory had already been done/said somewhere, then ignore what I’m saying here.

As we all know, Vegapunk had made a lot of things and stuff that’s pretty powerful in its own rights, like the Pacifista. It seems that he was the co-founder of the Lineage Factor with Judge. Thus, I think his secret weapon is Perfect Robot Clones, who can use Copied Devil Fruits.

We know that Judge can clone soldiers, and the Pacifista are just clones of Bartholomew Kuma. Vegapunk cloned Kuma which Kuma agreed to be cloned and turned into robot.

The Pacifista used Kizaru’s beams. X-Drake mentioned this back in Sabaody that “You can put Kizaru’s beam into the Pacifista now?” something along those lines, which led me to believe copying devil fruit’s power is something he’s been doing.

Copied Devil Fruits: The Artificial Devil Fruit, Momo’s Devil Fruit is copied from Kaido’s while he was captured by the Marines. Momo’s fruit is deemed a failure, but it proved that the same devil fruit type can exist now?

Devil Fruits does something funky to your Lineage Factor/DNA. Something said by Law since Vegapunk is a co-founder of the Lineage Factor plus he can let objects “eat” devil fruits. And we know having devil fruit powers is a huge boon to World Government’s army, something the World Government would want.

Why robots? Well, so that they would obey the World Government’s order without question unlike the rogue and untrustworthy Shichibukai, who can do whatever they want on a whim.

Also, we know that Queen was once part of the MADS, so Vegapunk might implement whatever Queen’s good at (biological weaponry) into this weapon as well.

I’m imagining a huge number of these robots that’s tough to destroy and powerful to boot that would later come into play in the series.

Once again, this is all just a theory and it’s all based on what I know, what the series had told us so far, and my own imagination. So yeah, hope you like it.

Theory by Bukoya