If I had any One Piece Theory that I believe in but have no proof, it’s that Kizaru is the Celestial Dragons/IM’s most powerful agent. I’ve got this guy pinned as the ultimate Assassin for IM, or the only Admiral aware of IM. A hidden knife at the neck of the Navy, keeping the Navy firmly in grip of the Celestial Dragons.

It just strikes me that if our protagonist is the “Sun God”, then the man with the Devil fruit of Light has some kind of important role symbolically in the story.

Also, when Luffy punched a Celestial Dragon, who was sent? Which Admiral is always hanging around Akainu when he is clearly unwanted, listening in? Which Admiral acts and looks the most like a World Noble?

Always acting innocent and slow, I see this as a false disguise. I think the dude is a psychopath killer with unbelievable discipline. I think everytime we’ve seen him in the story, he has been holding back his true strength. He doesn’t seem to take true losses/damage, and he doesn’t appear to have goals firmly in line with other Navy members, he’s the wildcard in the Navy. The man is hiding something.

The Nobles, outside the Navy and spies, don’t appear to have a Yonko+ level combatant, but it only makes sense they would as they’re one of our final opponents and have all the world’s resources. The Elders don’t seem yonko level combatants, but I suppose IM or the Elders could be?

Despite Im though, I’m hedging a bet on Kizaru representing Celestial Dragons’ elite fighter or Kizaru being strongly related to IM. Storywise, it’s always a great idea to have your big antagonists incorporated early, and I think some reveal like that is a great twist for a tighter narrative that sets up the Celestial Dragons’ forces as being super powerful without just creating more yonko level fighters from thin air.

Also, I saw the name Kizaru in a random google search being related to “Yellow Monkey”. Relation to the Monkey family? Another D, but under the Noble’s control?

I see a story where at a pivotal moment, the man who believes in “Absolute Justice” finds that the Celestial Dragon’s justice doesn’t align with his own, and Kizaru steps in to show Akainu that “Justice” is unclear or illusionary, there is only power. I just can’t shake the idea that Kizaru is going to be more important than just a regular admiral.

Kizaru’s whole character is based on Kunie Tanaka, an actor whose one of the most famous roles was exactly of a mob agent who used to play lazy and dumb and ended up as a mob boss.

Also extra headcanon lore, after Kizaru backstabs Akainu, Fujitora, the man set to change the Navy is now up against Kizaru for control of the Navy. So the blind man goes up against the manipulator of light, this deceiver and sees straight through it all. Classic blind man trope. His blackhole, a true gravitational feat, defeats Kizaru, who cannot escape it. This also helps Luffy align with Fujitora against a corrupt World government.

Theory by Liefblue (https://www.reddit.com/user/Liefblue)