I’ve thought for a while that Vivi would be joining the crew. Now it’s looking more and more likely. Imu’s suspicions of Alabasta were confirmed and he may want to sus her country out for Intel.

It wouldn’t make sense for Vivi to return Alabasta given that CP0 is on her tail and we were given confirmation they want to make her disappear. This would imply the World Government is going to do a regime change in Alabasta. They will choose a new royal family that would be subservient to them.

The only way Vivi could potentially avoid this fate for her country is by officially becoming part of the crew and allowing Alabasta to become Strawhat territory.

She’s currently with Morgan and was last screen both discussing Luffy and crying about her father. Morgan picked up Vivi by pretending to get a scoop about the Reverie, he could drop her off pretending to get a story on Vegapunk and Luffy.

Before Cobra got killed, he thought he was asking all this stuff because he didn’t want these things unsettled before Vivi began her reign. It’s possible he recognized some kind of signs about a prophesied time coming. Roger knew he was too early and Toki knew to send Momo 20 years into the future.

It would make sense for Vivi to venture to Raftel and find out about the void century for herself before returning to Alabasta. She’s important to the future of the One Piece world. She’s shown no racial ignorance towards Fishmen or Tontatta.

It’s looking like the end game of One Piece is to bring down the Celestial Dragons but keep the World Government in place. No more tributes or corruption. New leaders in charge that have a different sense of justice.

I could see Smoker becoming the new fleet admiral. Vivi’s ancestor seems to have had some type of involvement with Joyboy. I think it’s fair to assume the original idea for a World Government included other races. So once all is said and done, Vivi will probably help to reestablish the World Government.

Theory by bodg123 (https://www.reddit.com/user/bodg123)