I was thinking about the World Economic Journal and what Morgans would have written. Something doesn’t make sense to me about some of the ideas regarding how Morgans would cover what happened. If we are certain that someone died, who was it?

The idea that Sabo killed Kuma is something I’ve heard a handful of times. Which, I can understand having happened for any number of reasons, but would that be so incredibly a headline that Morgans would put it in the paper? More specifically, given what we know, and can by proxy assume Morgans knew as well, why would Morgans report on the death of Kuma when his role had essentially been reduced to that of a slave? That doesn’t make sense to me.

Not directly anyway. For Morgans to have had that added, it would have needed to accompany another event just as, if not more prominent. “The Government’s Most Loyal Lapdog” being killed by a Revolutionary doesn’t seem to make sense by itself. I don’t discount the idea it happened, but I think it needs to be attached to a greater article.

Sabo being killed is another one I’ve seen. Though this is far less likely. Why would Oda reintroduce a character he’d killed before the story began just to kill them off again? That doesn’t make much narrative sense. In this way I think we can rule out Sabo being killed.

Vivi being killed would make sense given what we know of the discussions between the Gorosei, but that also doesn’t make sense to be reported on. Why would they even risk letting the world know that the Government killed the Princess of Arabasta. Therefore, if this is what happened, this too would need to be accompanied by some other news in which the government, or Morgans can twist.

On that same note, we have Cobra, however this has more leeway given circumstances surrounding him and the rest of the World Government.

We also have to question the accuracy of the reports themselves. Specifically, how thorough Morgans was in what he published, and how accurate his information was before reporting. Given the actions of CP in attempting to stop the reports, I would wager that what physically happened is accurate (X was killed), but what actually transpired is being misinterpreted. Given this, I have two answers to my original question.

The Report in the WEJ: “MURDER AT THE REVERIE! The Second in Command of the Revolutionary Army, Sabo, managed to infiltrate Pangaea Castle during the Reverie and killed the King of Arabasta, Nefertari Cobra. ‘Tyrant’ Bartholomew Kuma, the loyal Warlord, was slain while attempting to protect Cobra and his daughter, Princess Vivi. Nefertari Vivi was herself kidnapped by the Revolutionaries.”

What (may have) actually happened? Sabo mercy killed Kuma. If so, there are questions regarding Jewelry Bonney. CP-0, under the orders of the Gorosei, killed Cobra. Whether during or after his meeting about the Poneglyphs is up for discussion.

Sabo, attempting to flee with the Revolutionaries, encounters a Vivi who is being pursued by CP-0. The Revolutionaries come to her aid, and flee with her.

The manner and timing in which things happen leads to the initial reports being flawed in precisely what happened. The resulting article is published with these flaws being unrectified. Morgans, none the wiser, issues the paper as such.


The possible death of Kuma in this way would go to strengthen the argument in favor of the abolishment of the Warlords, with them showing they’re no longer capable of performing their role.

Of course, there are still hundreds of questions surrounding things, even if my hypothesis is remotely accurate. There are at least two things we can be mostly certain of: Sabo would not be introduced just to be killed again, meaning that he must still be alive after this. Vivi likewise would not be killed given her narrative significance previously, and the emphasis reintroduced to her character presently.

I want to believe that Vivi is alive, and has escaped, where she’s being taken to the Straw Hats as that’s the only place she can really be safe right now. Given the opinions of the Gorosei regarding the Nefertari Family, and the possible actions taken by Wapol, this could work in their favor. Branding Vivi as a Pirate or Traitor in some other way while giving the WG casus belli to occupy Arabasta. This could give the Straw Hats further justification for their inevitable war against Mary Geoise.

Theory by MstrBoJangles (https://www.reddit.com/user/MstrBoJangles)