In One Piece Chapter 1060, Imu showed an insane power which one shots an island out of existence. Let’s assume this is Uranus the ancient weapon.

A lot of people are questioning why Imu has not used this power before on places like Ohara and Wano. There have been a few convincing answers to this but I have another plausible explanation.

The reason why Imu didn’t use Uranus before is because they couldn’t use its power themselves. They needed someone, a key to unlock this power. And the key is Vivi.

Uranus is only used after Vivi disappears. The Nefertari Family is a royal bloodline clan that has ruled the Arabasta Kingdom for at least eight hundred years, and one of the twenty royal families which founded the World Government. The Nefertari family bloodline could be the key to using it kinda like Shirahoshi being Poseidon.

Uranus might be in Mariejois from the first place, so World Nobles call themselves “Celestial Dragon” since they have the sovereign of the sky, Uranus.

Cobra could’ve been killed because he asked the wrong question and because Imu didn’t need 2 keys to Uranus. This would be an interesting way of making Vivi relevant again. And this would mean Luffy has a strong connection to all three ancient weapons.

Also, we got Sabo, who was at the Reverie first and now at Lulusia. We got Bonney, who was also at the Reverie and now stuck in a bubble above the water.

I think we can agree that Kuma teleported Bonney and Sabo. It’s hard to guess what exactly happened at the Reverie, but I think he did. Kuma teleported them to a different rebellious island. And Imu was hunting the rebellious islands down, that’s why the Gorosei said that Sabo was an unlucky man to be there.

I don’t think Imu could act that quickly with the information about Sabo’s location. And that’s why Bonney was stuck in the bubble because “her” island vanished before she arrived. I guess she will now tell the Strawhats what exactly happened at Reverie.

Let me know what you all think about this.