One Piece Chapter 1067 is titled “Punk Records”. In the cover, Judge and Caesar start fighting.

Vegapunk was born with a genius brain, but he also ate “Nomi Nomi no Mi” (Vegapunk bites his own tongue trying to say the name of the Akuma no Mi lol). The fruit allows Vegapunk’s brain to store unlimited information, but his brain also grows larger with data absorbed.

The upper half of giant egg on “Egghead” island is made up entirely of Vegapunk’s brain and it’s still growing. That part of the egg is called “Punk Records”.

“Punk Records” is updated everyday with additional data from Vegapunk and the other six Vegapunks. Main Vegapunk is linked to “Punk Records” with the antenna of the apple on his head.

Vegapunk talks to Jinbe about how he wants to develop “Punk Records” to a level that anyone can access and update it with their own information. Jinbe says it could be bad because some people can add their biased thoughts.

Vegapunk says that Momonosuke’s dragon fruit was considered a failure by himself because the color of the dragon was wrong. Vegapunk is a perfectionist, so he considered that a pink dragon was a failure.

The ancient robot that Luffy and his group found was built 900 years ago. 200 years ago robot climbed the Red Line and attacked Mary Geoise. But during the attack, it ran out of fuel and was captured. Robin says it was the same year that “Fishman discrimination incident” took place.

“Vega Force 01” was built to imitate that ancient robot, but Vegapunk couldn’t find out what was the source of energy the robot used. It’s a type of power source unknown for the current era.

Bonney uses her lightsaber to attack Vegapunk, but the lightsaber is also a failed invention since it attracts bugs. Bonney is scared of bugs so she fainted. Vegapunk says there’s something he wants to give to Bonney.

Vegapunk says something to Luffy.

Vegapunk: “Straw Hat Luffy, our meeting here must be fate! Will you help me to take me away from “Egghead”?”

Cut to Lucci and CP0

They arrive at “Egghead” and request access to the island to return Kuma Seraphim.

Lucci received a report that Bonney was spotted near the area.

Lucci says she’s a troublesome woman since she escaped many times. But World Government has no use for her anymore, so they can kill Bonney if they find her.

Vegapunk Shaka denies CP0 access, telling them to leave Seraphim where they are now and go away. Shaka then orders other Vegapunks to prepare for battle.

Cut to Momoiro Island

Suddenly, Kuma gets up and starts running somewhere in his damaged stage.

Dragon: “Kuma!! Where are you going?”

Ivankov: “Stay with us Kuma! The battle of our Revolutionary Army is just starting!”

End of chapter.

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