The Roger Pirates

Over 20 years ago, the Roger Pirates led by Gol D. Roger, reached the fabled final island of the Grand Line, Laugh Tale, and discovered the true history of the world. Here is what Rayleigh had to say about the Void Century.

Rayleigh says that the Straw Hat Pirates might reach a different conclusion. When Roger read the history.. he laughed. But when the Straw Hats read the history, I don’t think they will laugh, but instead they will have a decision to make.

The World Government’s Ideals

Now when we think about the World World Government, what do we think about? Slavers, racists, tyrants, etc… But these are all the qualities of Celestial Dragons, not the Gorosei or Imu. While the Gorosei and Imu do nothing to stop slave trading, which I am in no way justifying, we have not seen them openly use slaves. And in fact, we have seen things which are completely opposite.

They let Jinbe become a warlord, to strengthen the relationship between humans and fishmen, and also freed slaves and pardoned them for Fisher Tiger’s attack. If anything, they want better relationships with the non-humans, which is also why the Ryugu Kingdom was invited to the Reverie.

I don’t think such people necessarily want the oppression of people, or commit genocide and other horrible things because they want to do it. So what does the World Government want?

What really happened 800 years ago?

During the one-shot version of One Piece “Romance Dawn”, there were these pirate distinctions that existed within the One Piece world. Peace-Mains, and Morganeers.

Even though these terms don’t exist in the canon manga, the concept itself is well-established. Someone like Luffy and Roger is a peace-main. People like Blackbeard and Rocks are Morganeers.

Let me paint you a picture of what happened 800 years ago. Imagine.

Hundreds of years ago, there existed a Great Kingdom. A Kingdom of Pirates. A Pirate Utopia. Libertalia.

And in this Kingdom, lived both Peace-Main pirates, and Morganeers. The Peace-Mains loved adventuring, partying and making friends. They sang a song called Binks’ Sake and lived life to its fullest. Among the peace-mains was Nika who went around liberating countries and bringing the dawn to them, and was hence called the Sun God. The Morganeers, however, pillaged, ransacked and killed people without question, to get what they want.

Eventually, the Morganeers started growing too ambitious and started seeking complete control over the world. This resulted in a huge civil war between the Peace-Mains and the Morganeers. The Morganeers were winning the war, but were defeated because in an effort to stop the Morganeers the 20 Kings who would eventually form the World Government helped the peace-main pirates to defeat the Morganeers.

These 20 Kings were all Kings of the countries liberated by Nika, or JoyBoy as he would come to be known. Among the 20 Kings was Imu. And Imu possessed the ability of the Sea Devil itself. And Imu used this power to wipe off the entire Ancient Kingdom from existence. The reason why I think Imu has this power is that Imu is based on Yam/Ym – The Canaanite god of the sea.

Imu using this power to wipe out the Ancient Kingdom would also mirror the story of how Atlantis was destroyed by severe tsunamis and water calamities. Atlantis also is the story of a highly advanced and glorious kingdom being destroyed by Gods due to the people becoming corrupted.

When you think about it, the fishmen were persecuted way before the Ancient Kingdom fell, as can be inferred from Joyboy’s apology to Poseidon. So it would make sense if the persecution was done by members of the Ancient Kingdom itself.

The 20 Kings managed to survive and climbed atop the Red Line, to prevent themselves to from being corrupted by Morganeer ideologies. The Gorosei consider the Nefertari family to be traitors because they were the only ones who stayed on the surface 800 years ago.

I think this was because the Gorosei feel they have been corrupted by Morganeer, Chaos causing, world domination ideals prevalent in the Ancient Kingdom.

The Ancient Kingdom’s story has been erased from history. But it is not the only story to be erased from history.

God Valley

Rocks D. Xebec came to the island of God Valley, to kill Celestial Dragons. He also wanted to become king of the world. He is considered to be scum by Big Mom. He let his crewmates fight to the death. A classic Morganeer. He was stopped and presumably killed by a Peace-main Pirate and someone who was actively against pirates. Gol D. Roger and Monkey D. Garp.

When you think about it, worse things have happened. Luffy invaded and pretty much destroyed Enies Lobby and Impel Down. Fisher Tiger invaded Marie Joise. None of these events have been erased from history. But when you think about God Valley, what was so big that they had to erase the event, the island, and Rocks himself from history?

This event honestly does not seem big enough to be erased from history… unless, this event was a mirror of what happened in the Void Century.

Ambitious pirates, being stopped by another pirate and a person actively fighting against pirates. I think JoyBoy might have been a mirror of Roger while Garp might have been the mirror of Imu. Just like the 20 kings ascended the Red line to avoid being corrupted by Morganeer ideals, I would not be surprised if this event is when Garp’s disdain for the Celestial dragons arose, and he decided not to become an admiral to prevent himself from being corrupted by the Celestial Dragons.

What does the World Government want?

If you remember, Rocks was said to possess knowledge of the taboo subjects of the world, which is most probably the Ancient History.

I think learning parts of the Ancient History mainly the part of becoming King of the World, is what inspired him to become this ambitious, reckless, power hungry man. And this is exactly what the World Govt. is trying to prevent. If the knowledge fell to the wrong hands, it will inspire people to do what Rocks did. Do what the Ancient Morganeers did. Try to rule the world, and be a tyrant.

The Throne War

Doflamingo warned us. The Throne war is beginning. We assumed it was for the throne of the Pirate King, but no. It is really, for the throne of the King of the World.

In order to prevent the cataclysmic war for power that will engulf the whole world, like it did 800 years ago, the World Government banned the research of Poneglyphs. And due to Ohara’s insistence on continuing the research, the World Government did what they considered to be necessary, and killed everyone who might have had knowledge of the Void Century.

Revealing the ideas of the Ancient Kingdom and its history would be a threat to the World Government. The Morganeer ideals would result in a war.

The Power of Prophecy

I believe there was someone similar to Madam Shyarly 800 years ago. She predicted that 800 years from then, someone will appear, carrying the will of Joyboy, will challenge the world to a fight and will create the world Joyboy dreamed of. A world where everyone would be equal. A world where everyone will be able to eat good food. And it was based on this prediction, that Toki time travelled to 20+ years ago from the Void Century.

This prophecy is the reason the Poneglyphs were written. To guide the Joyboy of the future to his destination.

I think there is an argument to be made for both sides. The Peace-Mains wrote down their history, knowing that the right person will find it and make their dreams come true. Imu and the World Government fear that if the history is found, they will cause an incredible war which causes chaos.

I think the Roger Pirates came to the conclusion that the World Government was a necessary evil. But Luffy will come to a different conclusion. Luffy is a very simple person. He will choose freedom. After all, if a bad person, comes along, he will just beat them up. This is why Roger wanted to live in Joyboy’s era.

I think he means the Joyboy who will arrive 20+ years from then. He wants to see what choice he will make and how he handles the situation. I think the prophecy of the old Madam Shyarely states that the next Joyboy will make the choice of freedom. And this is why the World Government is trying to hunt the Nika fruit. The one who awakens that fruit, becomes Joyboy. And Joyboy will cause a huge war.

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