So let’s talk about Imu, the Gorosei and the real threat to the world that they are trying to keep at bay. I already established the similarities and differences (two sides of the same coin) between Imu and Doffy. You can read up on it in more detail and reference panels here:

Part 1: This is not what it looks like

So all the similarities aside, the most important fact is that Imu is not opposed to freedom but is seeing the control of it as a necesarry act to prevent a cataclysmic event. Or at least try to delay it.

Oda did not shy away from giving us more than enough hints to come to this conclusion. Well, first of all, the real life inspiration for the character designs of the Gorosei.

I think (Mohandas Karamchand) Gandhi and (Michail Sergejewitsch) Gorbatschow are a dead giveaway. But a recent Video of Ohara made my life a lot easier by mentioning the other 3.

And as Ohara already said in his Video:

“What still unites all of them, at least from a historic perspective, is that they all are associated with giving people more freedom.”

Gandhi: Ended British colonial rule in India.

Gorbatschow: promoted democratic thinking and liberty in eastern Europe -> collapse of the Soviet Union -> Fall of the Iron Curtain (Berlin Wall-> Red Line?)

Marx: Fundamental idea -> Theory of Liberty -> “Freedom is the most important drive.”

Itagaki Taisuke: Leader of the Freedom and Peoples Rights movement -> founder of first democratic party in Japan

Lincoln: Ending slavery in the US.

But back to the topic. We also have this panel of the Gorosei showing actual remorse for the need of destroying Ohara:

Also remember that they planned (or allowed) to at least evacuate all non-archaeologists and children from the Island before a young Sakazuki took matters in his own hand.

Part 2: “Fear And Desire Of Men. Uranus”

But what is it that they fear so much and force them to go to such lengths? Well Oda might have given us the answer in the same chapter. The reasoning for all of their actions to keep the Void Century erased, is the fear of people being able to “revive” THE ancient weapon.

For the longest time I thought that that was just a convenient excuse to justify their actions. But what if it was actually true?

We already know about Poseidon and Pluton. Yes it’s a very strong ability but to be honest, I can’t see how the combined power of all admirals(+vice+fleet+Gorosei+Imu?) would be so scared of sea kings and a war ship. (given that Shanks is not riding on either one of them).

But what if they are talking about Uranus? And what kinda power could Uranus be?

My guess would be the ability to control Ancient Giants, the so called continent pullers. Yes, Oars and Little Oars Jr. are not a threat to an admiral. But I am not talking about those type of continent pullers. I am talking about the prime of the ancient giants.

Part 3: “The bigger the better… right?”

The island of Onigashima opened up new dimensions of how big these creatures of One Piece could have been. Now Imagine a horde of these things running wild in the world. Honestly I think a handful of them would be too much already. Now imagine them having Devil Fruit powers or other abilities. Yeah thats fucked up.

Part 4: “Purple Haze – Hot Boxin in the Triangle”

You might ask yourself: So what? Even if that power revives, there are no ancient giants left to control.

Well I think there are at least some left and that we already saw them many years ago. Or at least their shadows. I am talking about the giant and still mysterious figures in the florian triangle after the Thriler Bark Arc. The size compared to thriller bark would fit.

According to the narrator:

“Nobody knows what occurs… in the mysterious sea called the Florian Triangle. Every year, 100 passing ships… disappear into the depth of the mist. It has been a mystery since long before… the Giant Pirate Ship, Thriller Bark… arrived in that sea 10 years ago. It is fortunate that the white mist hangs over today as well… concealing the seas’s bizarre face with a white veil.”

Every time Oda mentions something happening a long time ago, best believe it would be around 800 years ago.

Part 5: “Close the door or the smoke will get out”

But how did they end up in there and what keeps them in the florian triangle? My guess would be that they are… in a way sealed or imprisoned inside the Florian Triangle.

More about the details on that later. Oda already established the concept of something similar. The Tarai Current that connects Impel Down, Enies Lobby and Marine HQ.

Once in there, you rare trapped until one of the giant doors, „Gates of Justice“, are opened. Same goes for the Florian Triangle. But what kinda door are we talking about in this case? The necessary hint is in chapter 722.

Part 6: “Even trash can be Art if you look at it long enough.”

If you don’t know about the significance of chapter 722:

Nolands flashback was in the year 1122 and was 400 years from the current timeline before the timeskip. So if we go back another 400 years, we end up right after the Void Century 800 years ago. Which would be the year 722.

A big door that looks very similar to the „Gates of Justice“ that can be found at the corners of the Tarai Current. One might wonder what kinda creatures would need doors this big. But there are a few more things we can take from Giollas door. Three important ones to be exact.

– The gate itself.

– The two giant creatures infront of the door.

– The cowering one winged figure at the bottom front.

Lets start with the third point. The one winged figure.

Point 6.1: “The Tragedy Of Immortality.”

If what I think is true, than this figure is a depiciton of one of the oldest mythical creatures in recorded history. A bird with only one wing and one eye. The Jian bird.

The Jian is a bird in Chinese mythology that has only one eye and one wing. This bird is unable to fly on its own, and its sense of sight is very limited. However, the Jian bird most often is depicted as part of a pair, since two Jian birds can achieve flight and deep vision!

So how come that in this case, the Jian bird is depicted alone and not as a pair? Well, just as Giolla said herself. This is a depiciton of tragedy.

If we look closer, we can see that the right wing is not just missing. It looks like a distorted image, meaning something iffy happened to it. Also the right eye on the door is closed and shed a tear. And finally the figure itself is depicted in a cowering position. Most likely out of grief.

All of this is telling me that this figure lost his/her other half. But who is that figure supposed to represent?

I think that this tragic figure, that got her soulmate ripped away from her is supposed to be Imu (visual hints might be the crown and that we only saw Imu’s right eye). And her other half was none other than Nika. But before we can get into what happened, we have to talk about the other points.

Point 6.2: “The Bigger They Are…”

Assuming that this gate is as big as a Gate of Justice, would mean that these creatures are also big as fuck. A lot bigger than Oars. Around the height of the creature who’s skull is on Onigashima would fit. So, what I am saying is that these creatures are most likey representing the race of ancient giants that where used to create the Red Line and Wano Country(two examples) by Uranus.

Since I already talked about the power of Uranus in the beginning, let me talk about who I think the current Uranus is. Momonosuke. And here are two reasons.

The latest chapters showing Momonosuke being able to control Zunisha might show the power of Uranus. Zunishas size would fit into the parameters.

– An elephant is supposed to be an ancient giant?

Yes. Either the ancient giants are not restricted in being kinda humanoid or Zunisha ate a Zoan type elephant fruit.

– We’ve already seen the Zou Zou no Mi (zoan type elephant eaten by Spandams sword).

There are different types of elephants. Spandams sword looks like a typical asian elephant (rounded back, small tusks, smaller ears) whereas Zunisha looks like a typical african bush elephant(„largest terrestrial animal“). So basically different models.

The recent events of Wano arc are resembling Fish-Man Island Arc way too much to be a coincidence. One would be the big dragon statue at the entrance of Onigashima and the big one at Ryugu Palace. But the biggest one is the threat of Onigashima falling on the flower capital just like Noah falling on Fish-Man Island Arc. And just as Shirahoshi aka Poseidon stopped the Noah from falling by using her powers, we are on the best way of seeing Momo using his power of controlling Zunisha to stop Onigashima from falling.

I furthermore beliefe that Uranus is born within the royal family of Wano. In this case the Kozuki Clan. Pretty much like how Poseidon is born in the royal family of Fish-Man Island.

The Uranus of the past probably used this power to form Wano as it is now to save it from the pirates and nobles after Ryumas death(probably during or at the end of the VC).

“Hundreds of years ago, Wano Country was known as the Country of Gold. It faced constant threat from pirates and nobles who wanted to exploit its riches, but the samurai Ryuma led the country’s samurai in defending against every assailant.” -One Piece Wiki

The Giant that the Uranus of the time had controlled might be the very same whos skull is on Onigashima. But for some reason greed and fear among people caused a struggle for power and resulted in a big war.

Also note that the sea kings which can be controlled by Poseidon, still have a will on their own. Same goes for the Ancient Giants. So Uranus death might have resulted in the ancient giants losing control and going berserk. But however you want to look at it.

This panel being in chapter 722 would suggest that the Void Century ended with the sealing/imprisonment of these giants in the Florian Triangle and history started being recorded again. But how did they manage to imprison these creatures? That’s where we get into.

Point 6.3: “Don’t look up!”

The light left side and dark right side oft he door most likely represent the sun and moon. The coming together of sun and moon has been used as a way of opening and closing a path in many forms of media already. For a recent example, Naruto and Sasuke holding hands in a manly way to seal away Kaguya. So how would the sun and moon come together in the world of One Piece?

By two persons representing each side like Nika and Imu coming together? Or two Islands coming together to create the ancient kingdom that was lost after the void century?

My guess would be an eclipse. The darkest hour, NOX. The night before dawn. Whatever you wanna call it. That would explain how Roger and his crew knew the exact year of the fateful day. Because it follows the laws of astronomie and the exact year in which one of the big enough moons cover the sun can be calculated.

Part 7: “Please tell me you have the key.”

But that‘s just the time at which the door appears and can be opened again. What about the key tho?

Honestly no idea. Best guess would be the Straw Hat but thats a big ass leap. Either way, Blackbeard is on his way to get it.

Part 8: “I am not gonna die! Probably.”

So after all of that, let’s talk about the tragedy of Imu. The imprisonment also resulted in the death of Nika for some reason. There are a few options of what could have happened. One might be that the power to imprison the giants came with a high cost. Lifespan to be exact. Either way, the result was the sacrifice of Nika.

As mentioned before, Imu and Nika are like two Jian birds. They complete each other like Ying and Yang, like Sun and Moon. Together they can prosper. But alone, they will wilt and die.

But if you are immortal? You would probably go bitter and/or go crazy. Like the classic line says: “You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

Part 9: “That’s not how this works.”

The buildup and result of these events during the Void Century where wiped out of history to ensure that men will never get tempted to follow this path again. Thats what they hoped at least. But just as Clover and Roger said, thats not how this works.

Roger: “Destiny. Fate. Dreams. These unstoppable ideals are held deep in the heart of men. As long as their are people who seek freedom in this life, these things shall not vanish from the earth.”

This quote is from the opening for episode 48-115. I’m sure Oda had his hands in this quote since he couldn’t include it in the manga at the time.

What both of those quotes say, is that you can’t control the way of people by hiding the past. Just like in our world, you have to learn from the past and fight against the urge of repeating it. It’s like a mother trying to keep his child sheltered in the house in order to save it from the dangers of the world.

Well, I have a lot more thoughts about this topic and especially about the meaning of the left eye. But this is already way too long, so I am gonna end it here for now.

Theory by xSeCo (