One Piece Wano Arc final war is approaching, more and more unexpected revelations are coming out and it is getting more intense. Recently, we have received a lot of interesting information regarding Kawamatsu, Gyukimaru, and Hiyori. We know that Zoro is trying to take back his Shusui from Gyukimaru, but Gyukimaru doesn’t want to give up Shusui. He pointed out that Wano got conquered due to the rage of the Sword God about the loss of Shusui.

Most likely the Sword God is Ryuma. It’s said that Ryuma defeated a dragon when he was young, and he died when he was 47 years old. How strong was he before his death?

I believe Ryuma is the one who invented the invisible armament haki that Hyogoro talked about. He may also be the first one who coated armament haki into his sword, and maybe he was the strongest swordsman in the world for that time. That’s why his nickname is the Sword God.

Many people say that Ryuma is not strong, because he was defeated by Zoro easily in Thriller Bark Arc. But remember that Zoro defeated Ryuma’s zombie body with Brook’s shadow. It’s not real Ryuma, the zombie used sword skills of Brook, so he’s much weaker than Ryuma.

About Zoro.

I think Zoro is far from Ryuma’s actual power level now. But he will be stronger in Wano, because most likely he will get the secret of haki and black blades.

Also, I believe Zoro will fight against King, one of the three calamities of Yonko Kaido. I don’t think the current Zoro can beat King. However, I’m pretty sure that there will be special situations that lead up to Zoro being able to fight him equally. There’s also the fact that the straw hats normally get stronger during their fights.

In addition, we saw that Hyori asked Zoro to give back Shusui to the Wano and take her father’s meito “Enma” in One Piece Chapter 953. This sword is the only sword in the world that left a scar on Kaido. If Zoro accepts Enma in the next chapter, then it would not be wrong to say that he will have the power to face King.That way it’s possible for Zoro defeats King and gets new power.

That’s it from today’s post. Hope you guys enjoy it and don’t forget to leave your own opinions in the comments section down below.



  1. Think Enma is a Saijo O Wazamono, about time Zoro gets one. Wouldn’t be surprised if King’s sword also is one. He will need it, and also the Nidai Kitetsu. They will be a huge powerup for him.