Following a week-long break, Eiichiro Oda will return next week with the much-awaited Chapter 1057 of One Piece. Although the chapter is yet to be officially released, some early spoilers for the upcoming chapter are already out, and they bring bad news for Yamato’s fans.

One Piece Chapter 1057 Spoilers

According to the early leaks, One Piece chapter 1057 is titled “Conclusion” and Momonosuke and Kinemon (along with Yamato) are seen saying goodbye to Luffy and his crew.

Yamato decides to not go with Luffy and the rest because Yamato wants to travel around Wanokuni first, and later will go out to sea.

Luffy hands his flag to Momonosuke and tells him, Kinemon and Yamato that he will come to find them the moment they want to set sail to the sea.

The spoilers confirm that the next chapter will conclude the Wano Country arc. Luffy, Kid, Law and their gangs will leave the Wano Country.

At the end of the chapter, the Straw Hats sail away from the island, and Momonosuke starts looking for a spot to place Luffy’s flag.

End of Act 3 and the end of Wanokuni.


When Does One Piece Chapter 1057 Comes Out?

One Piece Chapter 1057 is scheduled to release on Sunday, August 21st. The scans can be released on 19th Aug. The release date can vary for some international readers due to differences in time zone but, it will be either the previous day or the next day of its initial release.

The chapter will be available to read on Viz Media and Manga Plus for free. This manga is also available on Shonen Jump with just a monthly subscription of $1.99/month. So, if you’ve caught up with the manga then you can read it from there including several other series as well.