The Missing Left Eye

There have been a few speculations about the left eye of Jaya over the years. It all goes back to the assumption that there was something missing. That the eye socket is missing an “eye”. And that that “eye” is Laugh Tale.

I am not so sure about the latter one and I have a better suggestion. But before we can get into that, I have to establish why there is definitely something more behind the meaning of the missing left eye. But what and why?

To tackle these questions, we are gonna look into and analyse various hints that Oda has left for us. Let’s start with something that ironically fits the narrative of the eye. Because it is the first thing we see when we consume the manga as it is meant to be.

Volume Covers

Within the now 100+ volumes of One Piece are various beautiful Illustrations decorating them. But some peaked my interest because they have something in common. Something rather unusual.

From time to time, Oda puts a character in the center that has his/her left eye closed. And everytime he does, something significant happens in said volume. I know how weird this sounds but let me show rather than tell you. Let’s go in order of release.

Volume #11: Greatest Evil of the East

I know this one looks like a natural expression at first glance.
But you will see what I am getting at when we get to the other ones. So, we‘ve got quite a few things happening in this volume.

It’s the first time Luffy (and crew) actually liberate an Island by defeating the bad, Arlong. And with that came the three most important themes of One Piece: Freedom, laughter and of course… partying.

These similarities are also very cool and I don’t think that it’s that much of a coincidence. Most people are unaware of how important Nami’s Character is to Oda.

She is the very first Strawhat member “introduced” to the story by being on the very first chapter cover art of chapter 1 before Luffy’s journey even began. But that’s not all. In this volume we also have these monumental moments:

– Mihawk meeting Shanks on a certain Island that looks a lot like the “vanished” God Valley.

– First hints about Luffys Destiny and the Will of D.

– Luffy’s first Bounty.

– Luffy’s declaration of becoming the King of the Pirates to the “world”.

– Luffy being compared to Gol D. Roger for the first time.

Volume #24: People´s Dreams

Now this cover is a special case. This time it’s not the character in the center (Luffy) who has his left eye closed. It’s actually Robin. Well, it‘s not exactly a “closed” eye but it’s covered in a rather weird way.

But that’s not the only weird thing here. Up to this point, Luffy’s poses and expressions on the covers have been in the typical shounen character style or had something to do with the corresponding arc in the volume.

Not this time though. If you go through the Volume, you won’t find anything that would resonate with that expression. At least not directly. That’s because there is a “hidden” message here.

But before we get into that, let’s see what other important things happen in this volume:

– It’s the first time we hear about the “true history” which turns out to be the Void Century.

– Luffy’s first encounter with his counterpart and the final villain Blackbeard.

– Luffy’s first confrontation with Bellamy and being ridiculed for dreaming (key moment).

– Blackbeard’s famous line “PEOPLE’S DREAMS NEVER END!!”

– Also the infamous hint of Blackbeard being “more than one”.

For the Fallen

Knowing that, let’s get to the “hidden” message in the cover.

Going back to the moment where we first learn about the true history, there is a panel that looks just like the one we can see on the cover art.

We know that her dream is to learn about the true history and that the enemie is the World Government. And as we learned from Clover, everything that has to do with the Void Century, essentialy has to do with the Ancient Kingdom as well.

Volume #27: Overture

As you can see, this one really sticks out because of how obvious it is. Oda is getting really nonchalant here since nobody was calling him out on it yet.

For this one, you have to remember that the Skypiea Arc is pretty much quintessential to the overall story of One Piece because it is filled with hints and clues about the overall structure of the story.

One of the biggest being Luffy called the natural enemy of God(Enel) and the D clan being called the (natural) enemy of the Gods(Celestial Dragons). There are a lot of other details like seeing Luffy in the same sillhouette as Nika dancing around the fire.

At the Bottom

The biggest and coolest thing here is, again, the first thing you see when opening the Volume.

It’s the end of the picture book “Liar Noland”.

The story of One Piece begins the exact same way as the book “Liar Noland” ends. With an execution and last words of previous candidates of the title Joyboy.

From a previous theory:

“Someone else that carried the Will of Joyboy was Noland. He brought smiles to the faces of children as he told them storys of his adventure.

He freed the Shandian people from their believe in a false god, basically breaking their shackles(freeing slaves). Also, the Nut on his head has the same shape as Nika’s spear and the top of the Golden Belfry Bell.”

And there is a reason for it.

If we compare both scenes we can see Roger saying his famous last words with a smile, while Noland biting his lip like he refuses to speak out or smile. Quite the opposite of what happens in the picture book, where Noland also has some final words with a smile on his face. But why would they bother adding some made up final words in an already fake tale?

The purpose of the book was to “expose” Noland as a liar to the world out of spite. So why give him final words in the first place and even more, let him die with a smile? I guess the easiest explanation would be to show that he is a liar to the very end. But I am not really too happy with that. So what if it was a message to the readers instead? To remind us and look back at Roger’s execution.

And since it is a mirror image to Roger’s execution already, let’s put them next to each other and compare them.

As you can see, they don’t just share the same fate, they also have the same last words. Almost as if Oda was shoving his wordplay into our faces. At least if you can read Japanese that is.

Saying that the treasure is at the bottom of the sea. And while Noland‘s talking about a treasure in form of a mountain of gold, Roger is talking about the treasure One Piece.

Volume #52: Roger and Rayleigh

Very obvious again. Rayleigh in the center with his left eye closed. You know the drill at this point.

This one is filled with important info and first time “reveals”. Most of it coming from getting introduced to Rayleigh.

– Learning a lot about Roger (+crew) and the circumstances of his execution.

– “I am not gonna die…”. It’s almost like Roger planned and made this era.

– Again, Rayleigh mentioning the 3 pillars of One Piece: Laughing, crying and drinking(partying).

– Rayleigh knowing about the Void Century and saying that they where too fast.

– First mention of the “Voice of All Things/Creation”(calling out it’s name).

– Luffy “saying the same words as Roger”.

– Learning about Luffy’s true motivation: “The freest man on the sea!!!”

Let’s sum up everything we learned just through these 4 volumes.


Volume #11: Luffy being guided by destiny, the Will of D. and continuing where Roger couldn’t.

Volume #24: Learning the existence of the Void Century, the ancient kingdom of the D clan and there enemies, the fall of the Ancient Kingdom and the creation of the World Government right after.

Volume #27: Call back to Roger’s execution and realizing that his last words where a word play. Because the One Piece is not “there”, it is “at the bottom”.

Volume #52: Realizing that Luffy’s true goal is to be “the freest man on the sea” and becoming the king of the pirates is just his way of fulfilling it. Learning the truth behind Roger’s execution and how he seemed to know what he is doing.

Let’s get to the nitty gritty

I wish this would be all… for both of us. But unfortunately, it’s not. This was just the foundation. Let’s continue by filtering out the two most important infos.

– The left eye actually has a meaning.

– Roger’s last words having a different meaning.

Both of them are connected.

We already established why the left eye is important and holds a meaning. But what is it? To answer that question, we have to look into one of the main inspirations for the story of One Piece.

Norse Mythology.

And in norse mythology we have this bearded guy called Odin. And Odin did this one thing with his eye:

“When Odin arrived, he asked Mimir for a drink from the water. The well’s guardian, knowing the value of such a draught, refused unless the seeker offered an eye in return. Odin […] gouged out one of his eyes and dropped it into the well. Having made the necessary sacrifice, Mimir dipped his horn into the well and offered the now-one-eyed god a drink.”

Furthermore: “Which eye did Odin lose? Some depictions show his left, some show is right. All that is important is that there was a very important sacrifice. It is a symbol of something far greater– as we talked about in this article. The sacrifice of the mundane to gain the divine.“

So the left eye was sacrificed for… in our case, let’s say the “greater good”.

Does that remind you of someone?

Pedro’s sacrifice (And no, I am not saying that Pedro is Odin here!) “The sacrifice of the mundane to gain the divine.”

Pedro: “If I can lay the foundation for the dawning of the world… that the men I look up to await, I’ll be happy.” (ch.878-p.5)

But what does that mean in the grand scheme of One Piece?
For that, we have to get into what the „left eye“ actually is here.

That’s where point 2 comes into play.

Roger’s final words:

“Look for it. I left everything in this world at the bottom”

At the bottom meaning at the bottom of the sea, just like Odin’s Eye sunk to the bottom of Mimirs Well. And that would mean that the missing “left eye” is representative of the still sunken treasure One Piece, or at least part of it.

So to get back to our previous question. What and why was it sacrificed? This is where I have to create my own little hypothesis.


We travel back in time before the Void century.

The Ancient Kingdom was blooming and advancing in a fast pace. One reason might be their secret treasure, whatever it might be. It could have been an inexhaustible power source, the secret to immortality, an ancient power yet unknown and next to it, the Devil Fruit Tree. Even though it wasn’t called that yet.

Note: to make things clear, I think the tree is a sacred tree that holds the souls oft he fallen, like the trees in Skypiea.

When the other Kings of surrounding countries learned about their secret, things got out of hand. It probably took a while and had a built up but it ended in an all out war in the end.

With their God Nika gone and knowing that this treasure in the wrong hands would mean harm to the rest of world, they decided to rather sacrifice it. And with that, half of the ancient kingdom that holds a part of their treasure got swallowed by a giant whale and “sunk” to the sea while the few survivors sailed away and escaped. Carrying their Will and Blood until the promised day, where Nika returns.

But the Kings didn’t leave empty handed. They managed to get their hands on the Devil Fruit Tree and possibly more. Something called the Golden Chrysanthemum. A youth granting herb.

But just as the archaeologists of Ohara tried to save as many books as possible by throwing them into a lake, the D’s threw as many Devil Fruits as possible into the ocean before the Kings could get their hands on it. And because this massive war caused massive storms and trembles, a lot if not most of the Devil Fruits got swept away to every corner of the world.

“Farewell to the harbor, To my old hometown
Lets all sing out with a Don! As the ship sets sail
Waves of gold and silver dissolve to salty spray
As we all set sail to the ends of the sea”
-Binks‘ Sake

Saying farewell to their hometown while escaping because they had to “sacrifice” it.

Sing out with a Don! Because there is nothing to regret, no matter how sad.

Waves of Gold and Silver, the treasure One Piece, that dissolve to salty spray while it’s “sinking” into the sea.

The few survivors set sail to the ends of the sea to: scatter the Poneglyphs and escape and survive(bloodline/flame) for the promised day.

The remaining part of the ancient kingdom is now known as Laugh Tale.

To cover up their war crimes, the 20 kings decided to call the inhabitants Devils that eat kids and their Tree was named the Devils Tree that carries the Devils Fruits.

Corazon: “Back in my hometown, children were scolded into behaving by this threat… If you don’t behave, you’ll be gobbled up by a D.” (ch.764-p.15)

I am not saying that the D. stands for Devil. They probably already had the initial D. in their names and the Kings just used it for their narrative and said something like:

“Of course they are evil. It’s already in their name. The D. stands for Devil after all.”

So, they make themselves out to be the heroes of this war to justify it for the time being. But of course they kept the actual happenings off the book and it was forgotten in the flow of time.

Remember what Gan Fall and Doflamingo said:

Gan Fall: “It’s all a matter of perspective… Those whos actions make them heroes in times of war, might, under other circumstances, be branded as murderers. I too have made friends with pirates(Roger). […]They were a heroic, lively bunch. I was said to part with them.” (ch.248-p.4)

Very fitting choice of words from Gan Fall here. So what made the World Government look like the heroes at the end of the Void Century, would make them now, when the truth behind their actions comes out, be branded as murderers. And that the so called devils, the pirates where the heroes.

Doflamingo: “Pirates are evil? The Marines are Justice? These labels have been passed around heaven knows how many times…[…] Whoever stands at the top can define right and wrong as they see fit!!! […] Justice will prevail? Well, sure it will! Whoever prevails… is justice.” (ch.556-p.8)

Common Misconception

So with all that, how did Roger found the One Piece if it’s still “sunken” and in a whale?

After all, we could clearly see that Roger and his crew where above ground when reaching Laugh Tale. (Btw. I am not getting into why it’s in a whale specifically because there are plenty of theories getting into that already and this one is way too long as it is.)

Well, the answer is actually pretty simple. Because he never “found” the One Piece. You see, there is a quite common misconception of the One Piece being on Laugh Tale. But Roger actually never found the so called treasure One Piece. He never reached it. He couldn’t.

We already learned that very early on.

As Crocus said in Chapter 105, they reached Laugh Tale but they couldn’t confirm the existence of One Piece. And Oda also already set up Luffy not really caring about the existence of the One Piece at all, which gives him a sense of freedom already since he is not bound by any materialistic treasure to fulfill his dream.

So, if Roger never confirmed the existence of the “One Piece”, where is it now? Where exactly would you “hide” an Island in the vast ocean without losing track of it yourself?

The key to answer that question, lays in the true name of the Ancient Kingdom.The name that Professor Clover was about to say:

Dragonfly Island

Going even further, Brook mentions two very interesting things about this current:

1: It contains “the souls of the dead” and

2: That you could travel the giant current for 2000 years before reaching the surface again.

At least if you are going by ship. But if you are in a giant whale, you could just hop off the current any given time and meanwhile just ride it until the promised day.

This way they made sure that it couldn’t be found by someone just searching for it because it never stands still. Just like Zou on Zunisha.

And on the promised day, the whale will resurface again and expose the second half of the Ancient Kingdom for the first time in 800 years.

And with both parts together, the Ancient Kingdom, the old home town, will finally be „One Piece“ again. And with Jaya’s right eye representing the Gold, Nika and the Sun, the missing left eye represents the moon.

“But don’t look so down,
For tomorrow night the moon will also rise!”
-Binks Sake

Let`s end this with the first action that Luffy took.

Seemingly willing to sacrifice his left eye.

So that’s it. We made it. Thanks for reading.


– The left eye holds a big meaning.
– Laugh Tale is one half of the Ancient Kingdom.
– The second half is in a whale in the deepwater currents.
– Name of the Ancient Kingdom is Dargonfly Island.
– Whale will resurface on the promised day and expose the other half of the Ancient Kingdom.
– Both parts put together will result in the Ancient Kingdom being One Piece again.

Theory by xSeCo (