Kaido tries suicide as a regular hobby to see if anything can kill him. But nothing works, nor has anyone been able to execute him in the past. Even the narrator stated “he wants to die” and he said something about how Whitebeard managed to croak himself.

Now that we know Kaido knows about Joyboy. Therefore, Kaido may know that there is a prophecy around Joyboy liberating Wano and opening its borders or at least Joyboy is connected to the Opening of Wano’s borders.

If we assume Kaido learned this information from his time in the Rocks pirates, that means that Kaido came to Wano to subjugate it. Knowing Joyboy would show up, and the country would be freed from his subjugation.

Kaido basically put himself in Joyboy’s way knowing his defeat was somehow inevitable if these prophecies are to be believed.

Does that mean that Kaido’s plan all along was to die at Joyboy’s hand?