Hey guys! Welcome to Exmanga. In this post, we will be discussing the powers and abilities of Sanji’s Raid Suit. In One Piece 903, we saw that Niji had actually given Sanji a Raid Suit, but until now we have not seen it used yet.

How strong the Raid Suit is going to be? Now, let us talk about the powers of the Raid Suit of Vinsmoke Sanji.

Raid Suits are special, technologically-enhanced outfits designed for combat. They were developed in the Germa Kingdom, and are exclusively utilized by its royal family and military commanders, the Vinsmoke family. It grants various powers, such as flight, protection from bullets, and even resistance to fire. Along with all these powers, it increases the base strength of a person by a mile.

I think the Vinsmokes are not strong if they don’t use Raid Suits. I’m pretty sure that Sanji is stronger than them without Raid Suits, and even if the Vinsmokes have them, I still believe Sanji is at least equal to the Vinsmokes. With the Raid Suit on, Sanji is going to be several times stronger than them, and that’s something that I’m looking forward to seeing in the story. But what exactly are its powers going to be?

Before fighting the two dinosaur foes in Chapter 931, Sanji needs to use the Raid Suit as a disguise to hide his identity lest their big coup is revealed too soon. Swallowing his pride, Sanji first says he’s only testing out the Raid Suit power rather than “sinking to the level” of the Germa. Franky and Usopp are immediately impressed by the transformation, and Law remembers the suit from the comics as The “Number 3 Member of the Army of Evil , Germa 66: Stealth Black.”

Calling himself “Soba Mask” instead, the suit gives him incredible power and speed as he quickly deals a powerful blow to Page One, the foe with the Spinosaurus Devil Fruit transformation. But that’s not it either as the special ability of his raid suit makes him invisible. As Law explains, the Stealth Black from the comics had the ability to vanish as the suit would project the background onto him, making him seem invisible.

Sanji clarifies that his suit’s cape will work as a shield, and his boots have floating devices under his feet. The invisibility is hilariously the icing on the cake as Sanji’s once though dead dream of the Clear-Clear fruit now has now become a reality. Though he briefly thinks about spying on women in this suit for a moment, he quickly returns to the fight. Though the chapter ends before fans can see more of Sanji’s Raid Suit in action, he does think to himself that Franky and Usopp should redesign the suit. So while this is the debut of his Raid Suit, Sanji may just have a different look for it in the future should he use it again.

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