Hey guys! Welcome back. Today, I am going to give predictions on the new bounty of: Boa Hancock, Mihawk, Blackbeard, Nefertari Vivi and Buggy. I used Kanji interpretations and number puns to come up with the following bounties.

Boa Hancock

HANCOCK’s previous bounty was: $80,000,000 at age eighteen, she became the empress of the Kuja and quickly gained a notorious reputation, catching the attention of the Marines and even the World Government, who were frightened of her potential, as she had earned a large bounty after only one campaign. Therefore now we are looking for a higher bounty.

The number pun is the following:

Hancock = Hanukokku (Ha = 8, n = ni = 2, ko = kyu = 9, ku = kyu = 9).

To sum up: 829,900,000.

Given her influence, her territory, her ability and presumably having all types of haki, and her army of haki users. Seems like a fair bounty.

Dracule Mihawk

Mihawk’s bounty prediction is harder to make an argument for it, BUT he holds the title of the strongest swordsman, and even if he doesn’t command an multitude of subordinates, he is a one man army. I assume that after being “forced” to leave his island, he went to Shanks, and being alongside and involved with a Yonko would raise your bounty.

The number pun is the following:

Mihawk = Mihoku (Mi = mitsu = 3, ho = ha = hachi = 8, ku = kyu = 9).

To sum up: 3,890,000,000.

You may think Mihawk is overrated. But we were shown that someone who is not a Yonko can have an equal bounty to one (Kid, Law). Now it’s not far fetched to say that Mihawk could have a bounty that’s relative to a Yonko.


If you are caught up you know all of Blackbeard’s feats and shenanigans, territories, fleet, crew of devil fruit users, etc. He is a solidified Yonko. And for that and whatever he did off screen while Wano was going on, we are increasing his bounty.

Blackbeards most prominent associated number to him is 3, we all know at least at surface level all of the symbolism behind it, so his bounty it’s going to start with a 3.

The number pun is the following:

Blackbeard = Kurohige (Ku = Kyu = 9, Ro = Roku = 6, Hi = Ha = Hachi = 8, Ge = Go = 5)

To sum up: 3,968,500,000.

Let’s note that the difference to go to 4B: 4,000,000,000 – 3,968,500,000=31,500,000. Which is spelled: 31.500.000 = “Sansenhyakugo-juuman”

The google translation for it is: “Participation in the war”

The first google result for it is: “Mongol invasion of Japan”

And Japan = Wano in One Piece, so the difference between this BB and a 4B bounty BB, was that he didn’t invade Wano.

This is just a HUGE coincidence, just thought it would be cool to include it here.

Nefertari Vivi

IF VIVI somehow becomes a criminal and is pursued by the World government, I have a few ideas, but take them with even more skepticism than the others:

The number pun is the following:

Nefertari Vivi = neferutari bibi

I made 3 of them since she doesn’t have a bounty to go off of:

– Nefertari = neferutari (ne = ni = 2, fe = futtatsu = 2, ru = roku = 6, ta = tou = 10, ri = roku = 6)

To sum up: 22,610,600.

– Vivi = bibi (bi=hi=hachi=8, bi=hi=hachi=8)

To sum up: 88,000,000

Lastly as her full name using both:

22,610,688 – Nefertari Vivi = neferutari bibi.

You could maybe add a “0” at the of each bounty but I doubt much force is necesary to capture her, nor do I think the goverment would want the world to know of her importance.


First let’s start with the Kanji of his name: 道化のバギ = Doke no Buggy.

道- One of the readings is: Nanori: さ (sa); じ (ji); ど (do); みつ (mitsu): “sa” as in “san” and “mitsu” -> 3.

化- There were many etimologies associated with the word “ka” as in “kyu” -> 9.

の- The hiragana syllable の (no). “no” as in “ni” -> 2} //Generally ignored as its a nexus.

バ – Ba (its an onomatopeya derived from ha). ば – “ha” as in “hachi” -> 8.

ギ – same case as the previous one. ギ (romaji gi).
The katakana syllable ギ (gi). Its equivalent in hiragana is ぎ (gi). “gi” as in “go” -> 5.

All in all we get:
道 = 3
化 = 9
// の ignored
バ = 8
ギ = 5

And we get 3,985,000,000 berries. And his previous bounty was 15,000,000 berries. Which if you sum it up: 3,985,000,000 + 15,000,000=4,000,000,000.

4 = “yon” -> YONKO

Theory by nashixt (https://www.reddit.com/user/nashixt)