In the previous chapter of One Piece, we saw one of the Blackbeard ships approaching Egghead Island. Many fans are looking forward to seeing Luffy fight Blackbeard in One Piece chapter 1080. However, the upcoming chapter will focus on the events on Pirate Island (Hachinosu).

One Piece Chapter 1080 Spoilers

According to the early leaks, One Piece Chapter 1080 is titled “The Legendary Hero”. All chapter events on Pirate Island (Hachinosu).

We will see SWORD vs Blackbeard Pirates.

The Blackbeard Pirates present are Shiryu, Vasco Shot, Pizarro and Wolf. The devil fruits of the new members were also revealed as Pizarro has the Island fruit, which gives him the power to control the land; Sanjuan Wolf has the Inflation fruit, which gives him the power to inflate anything he touches; and Vasco Shot has the Liquor fruit whose ability was not revealed.

The SWORD members taking part in this battle are Hibari (a skilled sniper and uses a Vegapunk weapon), Prince Gross (who has the Mud/Clay fruit) and Kujaku (who has the Whip fruit). Kujaku is revealed to be Tsuru’s granddaughter. Their abilities were not explained in the spoilers.

Coby’s bounty is also revealed in this chapter. The bounty on Koby’s head is 5 stars, worth 500 million, for his fame. This bounty is not the money the World Government offers; instead, this is offered by some big pirate who wants Coby out of his way.

We also see Perona appearing in this chapter. She rescued Moria from the prison on Hachinosu Island.

In a short flashback, Blackbeard kidnaps Koby to negotiate with the World Government, to make Hachinosu Pirate Island official and under his control. Kuzan explained that the Sword Faction could not be negotiated with.

At the end of chapter, Garp joins the rest and destroys buildings with his fists and haki.

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