Ancient Weapons Theory

This theory is based on the assumption that the Giant Object encountered by Capone Bege on Chapter 594 was also the means to which the Lulusia Kingdom was obliterated in chapter 1060, with it being the Ancient Weapon Uranus.

This was brought to my attention by watching the youtuber tekking101, and supposes that Uranus is a Flying Object with “cannons” disposed vertically on its bottom, and makes me believe this weapon can only shoot straight down, as seen in the latest chapter. Finally, this brings me to my theory:

The ancient weapons nullify each other.
(crock-paper-scissors style.)

Here’s how it would work:

Uranus would be vulnerable to Pluton since it is only able to shoot straight down. Assuming Pluton is a ship, which it most likely is, it probably has cannons able to shoot at the Flying Weapon.

Pluton would be vulnerable to Poseidon, assuming it doesn’t have a lot of precision when trying to aim underwater. Sea kings, which we know Poseidon controls, would be able to overpower the ship by attacking from underneath.

Poseidon, finally, would be vulnerable to Uranus. Incapable of reaching the flying structure way up in the sky, the Sea Kings are easy game to the weapon’s deadly lasers.

Here’s an artistic representation to demonstrate:

I feel like this scenario could impose an interesting dynamic on the storyline, considering how the narrative has three main conflicting forces, them being the Straw Hat Pirates, the Blackbeard Pirates and the World government.

A possible situation would be one where the World government is in possession of Uranus, the Strawhats have Pluton (as they found out it’s in Wano) and the Blackbeard Pirates have control over Poseidon (maybe through Laffitte’s hypnosis). This would put each group on a stalemate, unable to attack the party with the weaker weapon therefore eliminating their other enemies weakness.

And that’s about it! I hope you like the theory, and I can’t wait to see where the story goes next!

Theory by O Menino Precavido (