There are many different races in One Piece that have major reference to the story, much of it birthright and history, but recently it has become more of an issue with Kaido showing his pride for his race called “Oni”, this occurrence got me thinking about this whole theory I have. I can divide the races from sea level up to my knowledge:

Sea: Merfolk, Fish-men, and sea kings (sentience)

Land: Humans, long neck/arm/leg tribes, three eyed tribe (pudding), Tontattas/dwarfs, and giants.

Underground possibly?: Morias race, Oni/Ogre, Ancient Giants (oars).

Sky/Heavens/Moon: Lunarians, Skypieans/Shandians/Birkans, and long head tribe (fukurokuju, possibly Chinjao?)

Forest: Minks, Real animals (ones Luffy trained with).

In Wano, we meet a guy with a long head, Fukurokuju, this guy has LONG EARLOBES just like Enel, also if you look at a picture of him young you will see that he has a normal sized head in his 20’s and now his head is elongated? Enel is still young so his head probably has not elongated yet.

Look at Enels story on the moon, there is a pirate flag that the inhabitants have that shows a skull which is elongated, Wano being a “golden country” and Enel creating a “city of gold” in Skypiea. There are too many parallels. I feel like this confirms that the long head tribe was on one of the races that comes from the moon. (Also 5 races I mentioned and 6 moons, maybe we haven’t seen every race yet).

If you take a look at the different races in One Piece you see that there is usually a caste system: Merfolk think they are superior to Fish-men, Enel thinks he’s god compared to the Skypieans, the Kaido and Moria rivalry, long arm and long leg rivalry, ect. It’s no secret that humans, who are the most dominant in the world currently would also be discriminatory of other races than themselves (look at Sabody slave market). This is one of the keys to the void century in my opinion.

Certain races in One piece have different abilities ranking from strong to weak. Lunarians can manipulate fire and fly (probably) and considered “gods”, Minks can enter Sulong form and create electrical attacks, long leg/arm tribes have just longer limbs, the Oni tribe are naturally very durable and large, Merfolk and Fish-men are 10 times stronger than humans on land and can reside in both, three eyed people can potentially hear the “voice of all things” and read Poneglyphs, Tontattas are as strong as humans and crazy fast, there are more advantages, but I think you all know what I am getting at; humans are the weakest.

Now of course, the greater number of your race the better chance is that more will be great or successful, so keep that in mind.

Since humans are the weakest they needed to “even” the odds so to speak with the other races in order for their species to survive. This drive led to the creation/utilization of the ancient weapons and devil fruits. Now, I believe that there was a particular race that came down to earth and aided the humans with their technology; you probably know where I am going with this, the moon people (long head tribe, Skypieans, Lunarians).

These moon people were more advanced that humans, or any race on earth for that matter and were treated as “gods” by humans (Lunarians reference). Over time these humans served and idolized these “angel’ people and slowly learned their technology or was given this technology as a sign on pity. Throughtout the years all of the races I listed above came together and were becoming more as one, no racism, no discrimination; kind of like Totto land.

However, the humans still wanted to be at the top after being at the bottom for so long and used fear mongering to rally the other humanoid races. With this drive they either convinced the other humanoid races (giants, long neck/arm/leg tribes, long head tribe, Skypieans, Lunarians) to go against the other races OR just rallied all humans together. Now was it split like that? Not sure of all the races I mentioned being on the side of humans but it very well could be that way.

The long arm/neck/leg tribes were not wiped out, the giants were not wiped out, the moon races were not wiped out (yet). Using the ancient weapons created using moon people technology and devil fruits were able to almost wipe out or greatly decrease the other races power thus putting humans on top. Eventually, they saw the moon people (Lunarians) a large threat, so they eliminated them too after their technology helped humans almost eradicate the other races.

Over time, they also went to eradicate the three eyed tribe, tried to eradicate the Fish-men, but couldn’t completely succeed (underwater), the giants (too strong), and the Oni’s. Of course, they were not able to destroy all of the races and tribes, but they came close. This is what I believe the void century was about, a period of the humans using advanced weaponry and devil fruits to eradicate all the other species that could oppose their power thus putting them at the top.

Of course, this war lasted years and the culture eradication was a process as well, but there was one clan that stuck with freedom and equality for all the races; and who was that? The D clan. The D clan was a group of humans that opposed the other humans in their eradication efforts and sided with the other non-human races. This clan made a name for themselves as the enemy of the new gods, the World Government or celestial dragons, who used the weapons to oppress and destroy the non-human races. This is also why there are other races with D in their name, looking at you Saul (half human and giant probably?)

Who else was a part of the D clan? One person comes to mind, Joy Boy. I believe that Joy Boy was a hybrid of many different races (hence the large straw hat) and worked to unite ALL races under on a banner. This dream is what I believe to be Rogers and Luffy’s dream. To unite ALL.

Look at Luffy and his amazing way to “attract” people to his cause. It does not matter if you are a fishman, giant, moon person, mink, etc. If you are a friend then you are a friend. This has been made an example many times. I believe that Joy Boy was the “light that needed to be extinguished” and the government tracked him down and killed him (their possession of the large straw hat). Luffy is now taking that mantle.

Theory by SpaceCowboy.