In chapter 1073, we saw one of the Gorosei (Saturn) came to Egghead with Kizaru. There’s no way Saturn would go to Egghead if he wasn’t decently strong. That got me thinking.

We know that Garp and Roger fought against the Rocks Pirates on God Valley. But I just can’t imagine Garp and Roger winning against The Rocks Pirates who had Xebec, Whitebeard, Big Mom, Kaido, Shiki, John, Ochoku and Silver Axe. These are also just the known members. Xebec wanted to kill the Celestial Dragons that were on God Valley, but why?

They pose no threat to him and should have been of no importance to him. That’s why I think he actually wanted to kill the Gorosei, the “highest” authority of the world. Which would take him one big step closer to becoming King of the world.

I also think the Gorosei fought along side Garp and Roger. That would turn a 2 VS 8 into a 7 VS 8 and would also explain the battle scars of the Gorosei. Roger probably knew that the Gorosei suck and shouldn’t rule the world, but also that they are better than Xebec. That’s why he protected them.

In addition, the Gorosei might have mythical Zoan Devil Fruits based on the guardians of the four cardinal directions in Chinese mythology. Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, Black Tortoise and Yellow Dragon/Qilin. But Kaido is an azure dragon, so how could that be?

Kaido got his Devil Fruit from Big Mom on God Valley. The Gorosei who had the Devil Fruit of the Azure Dragon died in battle and Big Mom was able to get it and just gave it to Kaido. This could be because one of the Gorosei seems to be younger than the others.

And it would also explain why Vegapunk tried to replicate Kaido’s Devil Fruit. The Gorosei wanted that fruit back, but knew they couldn’t go after Kaido. So they wanted Vegapunk to re-create it.

Theory by JudyHopps_is_hot (