Hi guys! Today, I want to talk about the parallels between their characters and the burden they both face with inheriting the will of their parents. This contains a fair bit of character discussion and speculation.

Firstly, I don’t think its a mere coincidence that the son of Kozuki Oden is a “Dragon” like Kaido and the son of Kaido is an “Oden”. Also, Momonosuke has proclaimed his will to eventually become the shogun of Wano, while Yamato has proclaimed his will of being like “Oden” – the one who was free from the shackles of his father, and explored the entire world on a grand adventure, sailing on the ship of Whitebeard and Gol D. Roger.

What’s curious is Yamato’s struggle between his dream and what his father intends for him and, as we clearly see, how Momonosuke has been struggling to keep up with his larger than life father’s legacy and will that he left to inherit – Opening the borders of Wano.

Oden for all his greatness – wasn’t there for his country when it needed him. He instead chose to go on his final adventure to laugh tale with Roger. Thus, in a way he “failed” to inherit his father’s will that he was “burdened with” – of becoming the shogun/protector of Wano – despite doing his best to save many people as he could.

This goes in line with many of One Piece’s characters – Luffy, Ace, Sanji, Law, etc. all inheriting the wills of “their father” figures rather than their biological fathers. This ties in beautifully with the parallels between Yamato and Momonosuke. If Momonosuke trying to open Wano’s borders and become the shogun is part of accepting Oden’s will then Yamato rejecting Kaido’s will can be seen as a part of Oden as well, with him rejecting Sukiyaki’s will. This also makes sense with him fighting Kaido at the rooftop – him outright rejecting his will and showing that he would rather die than stay locked up in such a closed country.

Also, it is very interesting that Momonosuke has been on this grand adventure with Luffy and co to eventually save his home country, while Yamato who’s dream is to do the same, is kept locked up in his father’s castle.

Whether the raid fails this time or not, I see this arc ending finally with Yamato and Momonosuke freely allowing the other person to inherit their father’s will in their place – Momonosuke becoming the shogun of Wano (what Kaido intended for Yamato) and Yamato joining the Strawhats on their grand adventure to Laugh Tale (being “Oden” – the man who freed himself from the shackles of his birth to explore the world).

Theory by ConquistadoR.