Hey guys! Welcome to my new theory. In this post, we will be discussing the connection between Zoro and Wano Country.

In One Piece 934, we have learned that Zoro has taught Momonosuke an unusual word to shout when training his sword skill and that word is “snatch”. It’s also revealed that “snatch” was a yell which is derived from the old Kuri Dialect. When Momonosuke used “snatch”, he has been immediately told not to use that word because it is not befitting of someone with Momonosuke’s status.

Also, if you notice, you can see the sweat coming down from O-Kiku’s face as she warns Momonosuke not to use that word. It implies that she is really downplaying how big of deal it really is for him to use that word.

You guys can think it’s just a coincidence, but in my opinion, I believe that this is a clue to Zoro’s identity which is suggested in this chapter. Seeing Kiku’s reaction to “snatch”, it makes me think of word taboos in ancient China or Japan. People would avoid words that were associated with negative things or bad luck (for example avoiding the number 4 because it sounds like “death”).

Maybe the “snatch” yell is related to an ancient samurai clan that inhabited Kuri a long time ago. It could have been that clan’s trademark shout, being described as “a way to strengthen your heart when your courage falters”.

The clan later became infamous. But then this clan was exterminated for whatever reason. Everything connected to the clan, including their distinctive yell, became taboo for the people of Wano. So “snatch” became a forbidden word in Wano Country.

From there I do think that Zoro can be one of the members of this samurai clan, but this is just my opinion. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with me in the comments section down below.