Based on previously laid out repeating patterns all through the series, I’ve come to the conclusion that not only is Joy Boy and the Sun God Nika the same person, I also propose the backstory of Joy Boy himself.

I think that “The One Piece” was a treasure and a dream inherited by Roger himself when he found Laugh Tale. What Roger actually discovered on that island is simply a story detailing the life of Joy Boy – and a declaration that whosoever finds the island and it’s secret now gets to have the “One Piece”.

But let’s start at the beginning.

A great calamity was set loose upon the world – a being so legendary and terrible that his actions caused great turmoil upon the world. A giant, the strongest one was causing great harm upon many nations. This great giant was known as Oars.

Because of this, the warriors came from far and wide to try and stop this creature. And here comes none other than the great warrior – Nika! Finally, the two meet in an epic battle – one that lasts many days! And to everyone’s surprise, the two are completely evenly matched! And in their battle, an appreciation for each other grew, and eventually, an understanding.

Nika realized why Oars had been so upset. He’s simply hot, burned by a sun because he cannot hide from due to his immense size. And so, Nika realized the only way to stop him. Not by combat, but by creating for him a hat. A Straw Hat. A gigantic Straw Hat.

Oars, being the simpleton that he was claimed that Nika had controlled over the sun! A Sun God!

Also, due to Sun God Nika’s lanky and flexible silhouette, I’m inclined to believe, due to other plot points literally revealed by the same character in Chapters 1017 and 1018, that Sun God Nika had none other than the power of the Gomu Gomu no Mi.

After Oars was defeated, after the “Sun God calmed the Disaster”, the two became the best of friends. They would both laugh and laugh, so much that Oars’ laugh can be heard for miles. But then, finally, Nika must depart and continue on his journey. Oars is both sad and intrigued. Why does he leave? To which Nika simply responds – to see the world. And it’s great treasures! For you see, Nika was not just some warrior, he was a brave warrior of the sea. A Pirate, even, to some. And one probably in search of a great treasure.

Oars is inspired. And he decides to help his newfound friend. But instead, he wants to compete. He wants to find the great treasure first, and give it to Nika. And so, the two agree on a promise Nika sails one direction while Oars sails the other. And then, at the other halfway point of the world, they will meet again. And perhaps, either one will now have the Greatest Treasure in their possession.

The great warrior Sun God Nika’s adventures takes him to many great kingdoms and change them for the better. Each new island Sun God Nika came upon was saved by his immense power and kindness. He freed slaves, brought down tyrants and even promised to save the most hated race – the fishmen that live under the sea. And so, in his epic journey, Sun God Nika came to be known as Joy Boy.

And it was then that Joy Boy realized what were the greatest treasures that he found all over the world, it’s people. His friends. (The greatest treasure were the friends we made along the way. I know that’s cliché but goddamn it’s a theme that fits.) As he gathered friends, nakama, followers all over the world, perhaps even 20 Kings who swore to him with sake cup in hand. Joy Boy just grew more excited to meet his oldest friend once more and close this tale. To share Bink’s Sake and to drink it as equals, a tradition started by the brethren that joined him. Among them, was a curious individual who eventually became his second in command, a man known as Ims.

Nika was reaching the half-way mark. He was soon to see his friend Oars once more. But as fate would have it, a cataclysmic natural phenomena has separated the two. A series of volcanoes around the world all erupted at the same time… Creating an impenetrable mountain ring that spans the entire world! A Red Line.

And so, Sun God Nika was on the verge of despair…when through the gloom, several miles away, he heard a familiar sound. A laugh. A laugh that echoed through the mountain itself! And then it was then that he knew. His friend was waiting for him. Oars was waiting for him on the other side. Each day, Oars would try to punch through the Red Line and laugh and laugh, trying to send his message across the divide! A laugh that only his friend would recognize.

Sun God Nika (Joy Boy) knew what must be done. This Red Line must be torn down, but he wasn’t gonna be able to do it alone.

He rallied his old friends, journeyed back to lands he visited before. The Kings that swore to him, he gathered. All of his nakama knew and sympathized with Nika’s story – his dream to see his friend again! And so, with their combined efforts, they formulated a plan, one that involved creating these truly world changing powers – ones that were eventually known as Ancient Weapons. But their true purpose was to destroy the Red Line. To end the divide. To make the world whole again. To make it…One Piece.

The very friends he treasured, all gathered together to fulfill his dream, it created a great alliance. And soon after, a nation. A Kingdom with one purpose – to unite the world. And all of their hopes and dreams, thrust upon this one plan – the One Piece. Joy Boy’s dream.

However, it did not come to be. Joy Boy was betrayed. For what reasons, I can only speculate. Perhaps Ims thought he could better rule this Kingdom rather than following his friend’s foolish dream. Who knows. But a betrayal was committed, and the reason for this formed alliance between these kings was corrupted. A great civil war takes place, which ends in the death of Sun God Nika. And then, an age of darkness. Where all light is snuffed out, and the true tale that brought upon the age was hidden. A void century where dreams and legends live… no longer told.

Anyways, that’s all for now. What do you guys think?

Theory by yennandano