Hey guys! Welcome back to Exmanga, hope you guys are doing good. Recently, fans had an interview with two Oda’s editors in Saudi Arabia. One is Shimizu (TOEI anime) and the other is Heishi (Jump editor). I’ve compiled all the relevant information from the interview, and below is the summary of this interview.

-Shimizu already knows what will happen in Wano arc and he says the ending of Wano arc will be surprising. He also knows how One Piece will end, but he says he’d like to refrain from spilling the beans since Oda would be mad at him.

– Oda said to Shimizu, “So many audiences were moved at the story of Ace, but I’m pretty sure that the ending of One Piece will be much more touching”. (He didn’t use the word “sad”, just neutral “touching”.)

– Heishi doesn’t know the ending of One Piece. He adds that he doesn’t want to know it soon since he is looking forward to what will happen in the future.

– Shimizu says Wano arc is a story where Luffy and others fight against Kaido and Big Mom. Oda told Shimizu long ago, “When Wano arc is over, it means the ending of One Piece will be in sight.”

– Anime staffs specify color schemes of characters, but Oda sometimes gives them an advice such as “Use more vivid color.” The outfits of Straw Hats are hard to draw because of the patterns in traditional Japanese clothes, so anime staffs rely on CG.

– Shimizu says Oda is a mangaka who thinks manga and anime are different stuffs. Oda tells anime staffs not to feel too stressed. He cherishes his comrades, so he holds a home party 3-4 times per year. Shimizu says one of the main themes of One Piece is comrades/nakama.

– Heishi says he has visited Taiwan, the United States and Europe as a guest in One Piece events. He feels the enthusiasm among Saudi Arabian fans seems like the greatest. He is impressed at the kindness of Saudi Arabian fans. When he entered a restroom, some people were waiting in line. They kindly told him to use the restroom first.

– Oda drew a stained-glass window based on Shimizu in Oda’s house about 10 years ago, but Shimizu asked him not to display it since the drawing looked too old. 3 years ago, Shimizu thought he was old enough, so he told Oda to feel free to display the stained glass.
(note: Oda and Shimizu have been good friends since long ago. Their interview was published in 2002. In Oda’s house, there is a bar called “Shimizu Bar”)