Hey guys! I got the idea of making a post based on bounties linked to Goroawase (Japanese wordplay). I will try to guess some part in the Straw Hats final bounties. Let’s start!

Firstly, we will look at some bounties where this wordplay is already there.

Roger : 5.564.800.000. “6-4-8” can mean “ro-shi-ha” and is phonetically close to “Roja”, japanese for “Roger”.

White Beard : “4-6” here can mean “shi-ro” as in “Shirohige” (WhiteBeard).

Kaido : 4.611.000.000. Here “110” can mean “hyakujuu” (all kinds of animals, beasts) as in “Hyakujuu no Kaido”.

Big Mom : 4.388.000.000. “8-8” can mean “ha-ha” (mother, or mama).

Shanks : 4.048.900.000. “4-8-9” can mean “shi-ya-ku”, close to “shankusu”.

Alright you got it, let’s start with the potential final SH’s bounties !

Chopper : This one is special. I think we can use roman numeral here too. Because of the “X” on his hat, and the fact his blood group is “X” too. He seems related to this letter, and this is “10” in roman numeral. Also, in goroawase, 1-10 could mean “Hi-to” and his Devil Fruit is the Hito Hito No Mi. I think his final bounty will contain “110” then. Could even be 110 if we keep the running gag about him. Or something like 11.000.000 if Oda decides to give him a bit more credit, and to keep the goroawase starting at the “10th million number”. His true strength would be a much higher bounty tho. Note that “1” could mean “Hito” too and maybe that will be what Oda will use but only one number would be hard to notice, unless he decreases the bounty to 1!

Nami : Here we will focus on 7-3. It can mean Na-Mi in goroawase. Her birthdate is 7/3 and the 7 is a symbol of luck/money too. So I’m pretty sure her bounty will end with “73.000.000”. If she is considered like the woman who beat Ulti (400M bounty). And considering an increase for being a member of PK’s crew : 573.000.000?

Brook : 43 is our number here. 4-3 can mean “yo-mi”. He’s the Yomi Yomi No Mi user. “Yomi” is the given name of a Japanese “hell” and “Yomigaeru” can mean “reborn”. His birthdate being the 4/3 confirms this. Final bounty of 643.000.000 would be fine.

Franky : He’s the first reason why I made this post! “BF-39” would be his final form I guess. 3-9 can mean “sa-gu” and is close to “sa(ibo)gu” or “cyborg”. Sbs 43 already made this point and tells us about his birthday being the 3/9 ! So about his bounty, something like 739.000.000?

Robin : 26 ! Yup. 2-6 can mean “Ni-Ro” as in Ni(co) Ro(bin) and her birthday is 2/6. 826.000.000 could fit this.

Usopp : 69 is his number. No, that’s a lie. 53 is tho. Yeah for real this time, believe me ! 5-3 can mean “u-so”, already in his name btw and mean either “lie” or “kami”(god), that fits him really nice ! His birthday being 4/1, April Fools’ day show the importance of “lie” or “trick” about him. If you invert the number, we have 3-5 that could mean “So-Ge” (Sniper) as in “Sogeking” ! 953.000.000 would be great, and I personnally even would put him over 1B for our God ! !

Jinbe : We’re getting into the big fishes ! Here is hard to guess but 480 can mean “Jinbe”. So that could be in his final bounty even if it’s the one I’m not so sure because it don’t match other things or his birthday (4/2). Btw in french “April Fool’s” is said “April’s fish”, so 4/2 could mean the new day after that 4/1 and Jinbe participating in the new future of Fishmens with all the SH, not so sure about that one too haha but Goda could really do something like this ! Let’s keep the “480” for this one and why not a bounty of for our Knight of the Sea.

Sanji : Finally, the monster trio ! Starting with our cook for the starters. “9-6-4” can mean “ku-ro-shi”, very close to “kuroashi”, the black leg ! 9-6 can mean “guru” too and be related to Sanji’s eyebrows. Germa 66 can be linked to it too, like even if he was born in it, he (and his mother) managed to keep his emotions. If you invert the first number of 66, you got 96. And you know, if you invert the two numbers of 96, you got 69, fits Sanji (and probably you, and me) too. Let’s remember our number is “964” here ! A bounty of 2.096.400.000 would be great for him !

Zoro : For the main course, the future best swordsman ! Here we can have two guess. Should we focus on 3-10 “san-to” as in “santoryu” or 1-4-6 “a-su-ra” as in “Ashura”. Since he’s always using his 3 swords in a fight but not necessarily use Ashura, I’ll go for santoryu but Ashura could be the one if for example he wins his last fight (against Mihawk?) with it. for this one !

Luffy : The Meat Lover for the dessert (yeah that’s weird) ! Here his number was easy to guess : 56 ! BECAUSE IT MEANS “MEAT” ? Sadly no. It can mean “Go-Mu”. So you all got the Gomu Gomu No Mi, but there’s more ! As a kid, he wears a shirt with the number “56” on it. The Grand Fleet is over 5 600 members. Barto Club is 56 members. Katakuri’s bounty is and he did surpass Luffy for a long time. Finally, Roger’s bounty is 5.564.800.000 and Luffy will ultimately got a higher one. 5.600.000.000 or more like to keep the wordplay at the same place and be the only bounty over 6B too? Could be 5.656.000.000 too for “Gomu Gomu”.

Theory by Alarmed_Heart_8918 (https://www.reddit.com/user/Alarmed_Heart_8918)


  1. you are completely forgetting the fact at the end of story the strawhats will overthrow the entire world goverment and thus eliminating the marines too and the whole bounty thing
    who going to issue bounties if the marines no longer exists
    i think the highest bounty the straw hats will ever reach is after wano, after they beat 2 yonkos, that’s the last time they will get bounties