As we inch ever so closer to the true climax of this arc, you can’t help but feeling that all the unaddressed and the most relevant plot threads since the inception of this saga are looming close to us and are just waiting to blow our minds away in spectacular fashion.

Onigashima should roughly be 10 minutes away from reaching the flower capital. With the battle now moving to the picturesque background of the flower capital, it makes you question, how a conspicuously huge figure like Mt Fuji hasn’t been relevant to this arc yet.

I really found it weird that we haven’t explored a bit more on the origins of seastone other than this one panel from Hawkins in chapter 924, who revealed that seastone originated from Wano.

I find it really suspicious that something so relevant to the overarching plot wouldn’t be explored a bit more by Oda of all people.

Something which emits the power and carries the same wavelength as the sea cannot be trivial to the story, especially when you have so many theories pertaining to the sea and its role in the endgame, one of them being the fact that Umi (reverse of Imu) means sea itself. Even besides this it’s safe to say that sea as an entity is crucial to the story.

That made me come to the conclusion that Oda is definitely being sneaky and frugal here and that seastone’s true relevance will only be revealed when it matters, i.e when Oda explains Wano’s place and importance to the whole world and how it’s a pivotal cog in the grand scheme of things.

That has already been alluded through some panels:

The value to the story that seastone’s relevance and the knowledge about its origins brings could be multi faceted. But something which caught piques my interest the most was this page back in Skypiea. I would request everyone to read this:

This page alone gives so much food for thought. The substance Pyrobloin is found in seastone, it’s also ejected by volcanic eruptions. Both of which fit the bill for Mt. Fuji remaining unexploited in this arc, and the fact that seastones originated in Wano.

What this entails for the overarching plot is impossible to pinpoint, but this detail can definitely not be overlooked and this could very well segue us towards some extremely compelling lore in the upcoming chapters.

The above panel makes it evident that Mt Fuji soars well above the clouds for it to eject its plumes to the height where the sky islands of today exist. The reason for its dormancy over centuries or its role in becoming active could be left to our imaginations for now.

From the panel above, you can also notice how HUGE of an area there is beneath Wano’s landmass.

This area could hold a lot of these secrets that we we crave to see, whether it’s the existence seastone ores beneath it or unveiling a gigantic and deceased figure who perhaps holds the country on its back. Exciting possibilities!

Speaking of ores, I have always wondered, on which indestructible stones did the Kozuki clan carve their cryptic messages in the first place?

The image presented in the anime shows the Kozuki stonemasons in what seems like plumes of smoke arising from volcanic lava.

This is just the tip of the iceberg as far my thoughts on this topic are concerned. I really appreciate if you took the time to read this! Would be glad to see everyone’s thoughts on this

I truly believe that the next 20-30 chapters are truly going to be some of the best in the series and a lot of the lore exposition is even going to overshadow a the ongoing action in terms of hype, that alone should speak volumes in itself about the stuff that’s about to come!

What other things do you see that are really close to us and waiting to be unpacked in this arc?Especially the stuff that concerns about Wano’s role in setting up the upcoming final saga?

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