One Piece Chapter 1065 is titled “Six Vegapunk.” The chapter starts with the conversation between Zoro and Brook.

Zoro: This is Government’s island… If they’ve been caught, who’s going to save them?

Brook: Yohoho. I was thinking the same thing! Do you want to drink some black tea?

Caribou: Hey guys!

Zoro: Oh, you are still here.

Caribou: Wait… Wait a minute! I did say I will go anywhere after I escaped from Wano, but not here! This is Government’s Island!

Zoro: Oh yeah, you took care of our Captain. Thanks, and now, get off.

Caribou: I’ll remember this… Your freakin’ crew!!!

Cut to the “Laboratorium”

Usopp: The stairs are moving!

Nami: The stairs are floating from the surface!

Franky: What kind of technology you used? What’s the energy source?

Vegapunk: The energy source of this island is “Fire”. Fire can be converted into any form of energy.

Franky: So you have many resources?

Vegapunk: I’m still researching about what kind of resource can be burned/converted into. If somewhere in this world, “unquenchable flame” exists. We could probably create a sun.

Franky: A sun!? Eh? She walked through the wall? “Lilith! Lilith!” Aw! Please open up!

Sanji: Lilith-chan!

Vegapunk: What are you doing! Just walk through it! Dont be fooled by the sight!

Vegapunk: What is it, Edison?

Sanji: Hm!?

Robin: We passed through it… How?

Usopp: Eh!? After we passed it, it returns back to steel? How does that work?

Franky: So this is the laboratorium, huh?

Sanji: Lilith-chan is missing! Hey!

Edison: Just advance.

Sanji: Whose voice is that?

Edison: My name is Vegapunk “Edison”! Welcome! Please advance through as I said.

Nami: Should we find some Future Treasure?

Usopp: What is Future Treasure?

Nami: Some kind of made up jewelry or maybe some flower?

Usopp: From that answer, I don’t know if you are a woman or some grandmother.

Nami: Nami Kick!

Usopp: Uwegh!

Sanji: Eh?

Franky : Oi! Why are you here? Jimbei?

Robin: But still, doesnt he look younger? And he seems different.

Usopp: Possibility 1: That is Jimbei’s son.

Nami: Possibility 2: Jimbei is being turned into a kid.

Sanji: No, there’s Possibility 3: Someone looks like him. He got some wings, I also feel something strange in his presence.

Nami: Uwaah!!

Usopp: Kieeh! Its impossible for Government to greet us so nicely.

Nami: So that means… That is Jimbei’s clone army. Even if you are a kid… Doesn’t mean I won’t refrain myself.

Usopp: He is a Devil Fruit user?

Nami: What do you mean?

Zeus: Can you fight it, Nami?

Nami: Wait, Zeus!

Franky: Oi…! That ability is…!

Nami: Kyaa!

Franky: Nami!

Nami: Jimbei!

Sanji: Yosh! That will be death penalty! Even if it is you… Even if it is you Jimbei!

Robin: Gigante Fleur!

Robin: I agree with him! That is unforgivable. Sea Serpent! Spank!

Usopp: Get away from him, Robin!

Usopp: So, he can use Fishemn Karate too!?

Usopp: Special attak, Green Star! Skull… Exploding Grass!

Usopp: I know you are not Jimbei!

Usopp: Hm? He’s gone?

Usopp: Wah!

Sanji: Usopp!

Franky: Leave that to me, Sanji! Don’t move Usopp!

Franky: Radical!

Edison: Evade that, S-Shark!!

Franky: Beam!!

Edison: Uwogh! He used Laserbeam!

Edison: Who is that guy!?

Edison: That was close!

Edison: Seraphim is still a kid! We haven’t gotten into experiment with laser!!

Dr. Vegapunk Edison “Thinking”

Lilith: That crew! Do they know how much it cost to build one Seraphim!? Do I need to take their head?

Edison: Don’t! I don’t want you to go there!

Edison: Ah!

Edison: I’ve got an idea for a new invention! I leave the reast to you Phytagoras. I have to draw it!

Phytagoras: Of course!

Edison: Busy! Super Busy! I might need some help from you, cat.

Cat: Meow!

Phytagoras: It’s very difficult to get this kind of interesting combat data. This will be an exceptional input!

Dr. Vegapunk Pythagoras “Wisdom”

Edison: The idee keeps flowing out! Please eat more in my stead York!

York: Hap! Grumps! Grumps! It’s so delicious!

Staff: Please breing another for York-sama!

Audio: Right now, the BMI status is over 600.

Pythagoras: So I’ve got to input attack pattern for the Seraphim’s growth! Just as I thought, I’ve got to input “Pedigree Factor” for an experiment.

Pythagoras: If I accelerate the growth speed, it’d be a dangerous approach!

Pythagoras: The heartrate is 90 BPM, Green Blood increasing!

Staff: Ah! She said she was going to toilet, but she sure took her time!

York: Ah… “Smile”

York: Hm…

Pythagoras & Edison: I’m full!

Atlas: Hungry Punch!

York: Sleepy

York: Snork

Staff: York-sama is currently in her 4th hibernation!

Dr. Vegapunk York “Greed”

Staff: Quickly! Bring the document to Pythagoras-sama!

Staff: Prepare the experiment for Edison-sama!

Staff: Go to the Simulation Room 88.

Shaka: Stop it, Seraphim! Return at once!

Usopp: Eh!? He doesn’t move!!

Shaka: Edison, Lilith, Pythagoras! You have enough of this, right?

Pythagoras: Ah, that was unfortunate.

Lilith: What’s with that guy! We almost got ’em!!

Edison: I’ ve got an idea!

Shaka: So you are Straw Hat Pirates?

Dr. Vegapunk Shaka “Good”

Sanji: Yes, we are! What’s with this floor, why do our shoes keep sticking into it!?

Shaka: I can control every magnet inside DOM shoes in this Laboratorium.

Robin: So you mean, rsesisting is futile…

Shaka: I can’t trust pirates that easily.

Usopp: But you have 2 Vegapunks right? “The Woman Vegapunk” & “The Announcer Vegapunk”

Shaka: Yes, I’m also Vegapunk.

Usopp: Does that mean I am too?

Franky: Of course not, you dimwit!

Shaka: Did you see this Island as a “Future”?

Franky: Well there’s monster mecha just like in the future. Like the Vegaforce 1,the island conditioning… That was incredible “Future”!

Nami: Well, I’ve never seen that kind of scenery in the city too.

Franky: What kind of incredible technology you use? I want to see it, not as an enemy!

Sanji: Vega-chan

Shaka: This is the “Past”

Franky: What?

Cut to Luffy’s group

Luffy: Look, Chopper!

Chopper: Didnt that look rusty for you? But that was real steel!

Luffy: Uwoooh!

Bonney: What is this? Is this one moving?

Jimbei: Even if it once moved with Future technology… Didn’t it look ancient?

Back to Franky’s group

Franky: What do you mean with “Past”?

Shaka: For example…

Shaka: There’s some place like Egghead.

Shaka: A “Kingdom” with advanced civilization…

Shaka: Existed 900 years ago… Will you believe it?

End of Chapter

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