We know Shanks is very similar to Tyr in Norse mythology, who maintains law and order and keeps balance. A one armed swordsman. Keeps the peace ends wars. We could see his and Blackbeard’s opposite nature as he tried to prevent the war before it happened whille Blackbeard was in the works to initiate it.

Shanks wants to prevent the era from spiralling into chaos. He ceases the war at Marineford. He fears the ambition of Blackbeard.

As we know from the Norse mythology, Fenrir the wolf son of Loki at Ragnarok creates chaos and destruction. Ragnarok which signals the fall of the gods from power.

Blackbeard represents Fenrir. He breeds chaos and destruction. Fenrir who is said to have his 2 brothers come forth at Ragnarok to bring forth earthquakes and cast darkness over the world. These 2 just happen to be Blackbeard’s powers, darkness and destruction.

These 2 brothers could tie into the 3 headed flag we see. As the only other crew with multiple jolly rogers is the de Calvin brothers with 2 captain. Meaning 3 skulls is 3 captains.

Fenrir is said to have 2 sons, Skoll and Hati, which chase the sun and moon respectively. To devour them at Ragnarok, sun and moon are destroyed by black holes. Sun, moon and black holes are all forms of astronomical matter. And Blackbeard has the powers of darkness and his most iconic attack is the black hole. He has the power to destroy all forms of astronomical matter.

Devouring the sun is a metaphor for Devouring the dawn and casting darkness. I believe the sun and moon represents the world of Joyboy and Imu respectively.

Sun = Joyboy
Moon = Imu
Black hole = Blackbeard

I’m of the belief that as Joyboy is the Sun God Nika. Imu possesses the powers of the moon god zoan. And their world is the world of the moon currently.

Blackbeard and Shanks are clearly fated to clash. And no better place than Elbaf to fight Shanks. Elbaf has this clear nordic theme throughout the country.

In Elbaf, they also said the only thing their Elbaf spear cannot break is Serpant soaked in red. Which is the red line. Which is a clear reference to the world serpent, Jomangaunder.

The world serpent who has a hatred for and rivalry with Thor. Thor the god of thunder who wielded the legendary hammer Mjolnir. With the ability to create lightning thunder storm and rain.

We know the supreme grades are the greatest weapons in One Piece. I believe that the Mjolnir equivalent in Elbaf was used to forge. The Naginata of Whitebeard, the cutlass of Roger, the saber of Xebec, the saber of Shanks and so on. This hammer was said to have been forged from the core of a dying star.

I believe in Elbaf several have tried to use this hammer but have failed, no one can use it. But the man who formerly used it died. Potentially you need to be eternally brave to wield it. So Usopp gaining this hammer could solidify him as not just brave but the bravest man on the seas.

Shanks saber specifically is called Gryphon. The term Gryphon refers to the mythological creature with the body of a lion and head of an eagle. Body of a lion means the heart of a lion. Head of a eagle means the eyes of an eagle.

Heart of a lion – incredibly brave
Eyes of an eagle – incredible vision/insightful/vigilant.

And Shanks has both of these characteristics. He didn’t hesitate to give his arm up for Luffy and rolled up in Marineford casually. He saw the incoming threat of Blackbeard as well.

Also, Oda recently said that “that person” will fight “that person”. And I believe it’s Shanks vs Blackbeard.