Shanks can see far into the future?! Every time Shanks appears and says something, I feel like he knows something is going to happen. Here are some events:

Shanks-Whitebeard Meeting:

Shanks is a Yonko, he is gone out of his way to request Whitebeard to stop Ace from pursuing Blackbeard. At first, I thought he was concerned for Ace, but it was evident from his words “Era of Recklessness”, something big is going to happen if Ace and Blackbeard clash.

Shanks Stops Akainu:

When Shanks stopped Akainu, he complimented Coby the few seconds he bought greatly changed Fate of the World.

Cutting off Kids’s Arm:

It seemed out of character for shanks to chop off Kidd’s Arm. But later it was turned out to be life savor for Kidd. Did he know it was gonna happen?

Meeting with Gorosei:

Shanks met with Gorosei to warn him of a certain pirate. WG has Cipher Pol intelligence under their command, If something big already happened they will be the First to Know (CP0 even knows Drake’s Identity). Who is this pirate Shanks was talking about? How did Shanks know he will become a threat? Did he catch glimpse of the future?

Purpose in East Blue:

What is pirate from the Grand Line (Shanks) doing in Fusha village in the first place? It’s not his hometown. He was not there to meet Ace (son of his captain). He was thereafter stealing Gomu-Gomu no Mi from World Government, far too.. reckless. I think Shanks knows the importance of Gomu-Gomu no Mi and searching for JOYBOY to give this fruit. Although I think Luffy eating the fruit was a complete coincidence. I think Shanks genuinely care for Luffy and selflessly sacrificed his arm to save Luffy. It was only when he was departing Shanks saw Future Pirate King.

Also, I think the following panel may add to this post’s Value. Katakuri commented Luffy is looking quite far into the future. Such type of persons exist?

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