Some of the prominent One Piece Film Red Spoilers are making rounds on internet. And accordingly to them Shanks has finally shown why he’s the boss. The film has also gone on to unravel several mysteries surrounding Shanks daughter and who is the final boss. But now everything has been revealed.

It’s revealed that Uta is not biological daughter of Shanks.

Shanks was young and find her in a treasure box after pilfering some treasure. The crew finds Uta crying inside the box and Shanks calms her by singing a little, then he has a flashback of what we can assume is him looking up and Roger and his Crew. Shanks had abandoned Uta. He did it so she could live free and not being targeted for her power.

Shanks had a fight scene with his sword but it is just a normal fight. He has a bunch of pretty cool lines. Also many who had watched the film said Shanks is really cool in this film.

We see Shanks knocks out Momonga with his CoC. Kizaru is sweating to see Shanks. Both Kizaru and Fujitora decide to retreat after seeing Shanks’ Haki (partly because their fight will cause damage to civilians.) Shanks is one fire!!!

Big Mom pirates is there to grab Uta for Big Mom collection. Katakuri is also here! Katakuri is fighting together with Shanks. They are ALONGSIDE with one another!!! This is quite unexpected duo, and fans had not expect this to see them together.

As for Shanks and Luffy’s reunion, well they didn’t meet with each other. But they did acknowledge each other from far, but they don’t meet face to face.

Zoro and Sanji fight the last boss which is huge, but everyone pairs up with an unexpected person at the end! That scene when everyone fights in groups but together, is pretty cool. Nami has Zeus are also seen fighting together, laying havoc on opponents.

It leaked that Zoro’s bounty post-Wano will be more than Sanji’s.

Gear 5 appears at the end. Not in the screen for long, and you can’t really see much details besides a close up to his face and his back from far away.

As anyone wondering what the song that Uta performs is, its New genesis (Shinjidai). A lifelike version of Uta performs her songs at the grand premiere which was held in Japan and you can catch it in English on the youtube channel.