Hey guys! Welcome back to Exmanga. In today’s post, I’m going to share with you a theory about Shanks. I believe that Shanks may be the son of Rocks. But why do I think so? You guys can check my reason below.

The Reason Why Shanks May Be The Son of Rocks:

As we all know, Shanks is currently 39 years old, the God Valley Incident, in which Roger and Garp defeated and apparently killed Rocks took place 38 years ago. I think Shanks was born before that, and as a one-year-old, was present at the God Valley Incident.

Also, if you’re a One Piece fan, I’m sure you already know that Roger has surrendered himself to the World Government. However, before he was executed, he met with Garp and told him where to find Rouge, who was present with Ace at the time. He did this so that Garp would protect Ace from the World Government, who wanted him dead simply for being Roger’s son. Roger told Garp that “A newborn child bears no sin”, and that “he knew Garp would protect Ace”.

The Reason Why Roger Trusted Garp:

While Roger said that the reason he trusted Garp was that the two of them had fought each other so many times that they knew what type of person the other was. However, in order for Roger to trust Garp with the life of his child, he would have to have known beyond a shadow of a doubt that Garp shared the same beliefs about children not bearing the sins of their parent(s), and the only way he would know this is if a similar situation occurred in the past in which both Garp and Roger were present. This situation may be Shanks’ case.

Enter the God Valley Incident, after defeating and possibly killing Rocks, I believe that Roger and Garp discovered an infant Shanks and quickly realized he was the son of Rocks. Garp, knowing that the Marines would want to kill the infant Shanks on the slight chance he would turn out like his father, decided to allow Roger to take the infant in order to protect him.

As revealed in Chapter 964, Shanks was a member of Rogers crew since he was at least a child, so it is not impossible to think that Roger has been raising him since he was a baby. This would be why Roger would trust his child’s life to Garp, as he would know from this incident that Garp would not allow the Marines to kill his baby.

That’s all my reason why I think Shanks may be the son of Rocks. What do you think about this? Don’t forget to leave your own opinions in the comments section down below.