So apparently I missed the confirmation of Shanks being found as a baby in God Valley by Roger. It was confirmed in the special Volume 4000000000. Even without that confirmation, it was pretty obvious.

However, interestingly we learned Shanks was found in a treasure chest Roger stole from God Valley. This raises the question: What on earth was a baby doing inside a treasure chest? I have 2 plausible answers:

– His parents (Celestial Dragons) put him there because they were scared the Rocks Pirates might harm him, as they were known for committing horrible crimes. Then his parents were killed by the Rocks pirates and Roger took the treasure chest after the battle was done. This would make Shanks a Celestial Dragon by birth and would explain the Gorosei giving him an audience. My main problem with this theory is that Shanks is originally from the West Blue. Are there Celestial Dragons in the West Blue? Doubtful.

– Shanks is what Rocks was looking for, when he attacked God Valley and was hidden in that chest to not be found by Rocks. Why would Rocks want to take a baby? Here it comes: Shanks is the ancient weapon Uranus.

Now let me explain why theory 2 could very easily be true:

We already know Ancient Weapons can be living things, with Poseidon being Shirahoshi. There is also a common theory, that the ancient weapons represent the 3 types of Haki.

Poseidon represents Conquerors Haki, because Poseidon has the ability to command Sea Kings. Pluton represents Armament Haki, because of its sheer destructive power. That leaves Uranus to represent Observation Haki. Interestingly we also learned that Shanks is known as the “Observation Haki Slayer” as he can kill his opponents before they are able to use future sight. What a coincidence!

Shanks being an ancient weapon would explain, why the World Government has so much respect for him. Obviously he is a Yonko as well, but the fact he was able to very easily end the Marineford War indicates there is more to it. Why do the Gorosei give him an audience, instead of trying to catch him? Simple, he is too powerful.

Rocks wanted to be King of the World, and what better way to become that, than having an ancient weapon. I assume the World Government knew Uranus would be born in a certain place and time and took control of Shanks shortly after being born. They held him at God Valley under protection. The news leaked to Rocks and he attacked God Valley to claim Uranus.

I think Oda showed this scene, for the viewer to think that Shanks is possibly an agent for the World Government, and that he wants to warn them about Luffy. Who he actually warned them about is Blackbeard, who inherited the dream of Rocks. He warned them, that Blackbeard knows Shanks is Uranus and has tried to claim him. Also that Blackbeard is now becoming powerful enough to actually achieve his dream.

The last mystery regarding Shanks is the following scene:

What did Shanks ask Roger? Possibly, he asked him about his origin. Now if Shanks was just a Celestial Dragon, why would he be so devastated? Of course it would be much worse to find out you’re a weapon capable of mass destruction.

Now a more interesting possibility, is that Shanks had known from even earlier that he is Uranus. He therefore asked Roger about what they learned at Laugh Tale regarding his fate. And Roger told him he will have to die for the Dawn of the World in 20 years time. (Or maybe he will have to commit serious crimes).

Anyways, let me know what you think.

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