Hey guys! The leaks for the SBS Volume 97 are upon us, so now I will be sharing them with you in this post. If I miss something or that the info isn’t correct, feel free to contact me.

Translated by Rainbow – TCB Scans + Etenboby WG Forum

D: Odacchi! Is it true that One Piece will end in 5 years? Even if that’s the case, a public statement like that is really vexing for the fans! Many friends of mine who are fans burst into tears with this sudden announcement! I feel like shouting “How could you do this to us!?”, but I don’t want to stress you out.

Oda: By “ending”, I mean the juiciest part of Luffy’s adventure. Since that’s when the mystery of “what is the One Piece?” is to be revealed. Right now Wano is heating up, if Luffy is able to leave here in one piece, we’ll get to a development that will engulf the entire world, the likes of which no one has read before – the greatest war in One Piece history. I said what I said so that the reader’s hearts would be prepared, since it’ll be such a long arc, and one that will really pin things towards the finish line. That being said, I’m really enjoying righting Wano right now, and am pumped to finishing it!

D: Odacchi, pleased to meet you! The introduction of the Flying Six on chapter 978 was so cool, I just had to write in! I’m sure many are asking the same question, but please, could you spare us the height, age, and favourite food of each of the Flying Six? (P.N.: Youki Genia)

Oda: Yeah, I guess. They have sure become a fan favourite, the Flying Six. Gotta give what the people want. But please show some love for Queen too!

D: Oda sensei!! I have a question. Why do people despise the Kozuki clan in the current Wano country? Didn’t Shinobu cleared up the misunderstanding..?

Oda: People who believed in the Kozuki clan were all killed by Orochi and Kaido, and the kids are under the bad influence of the brainwash education, and the whole ambiance of the Capital falls under Orochi’s control. Pressure, brainwash, these things are also causing several kinds of problems in our world today. Scary!

D: Oda, I heard that a few months ago it was discovered that Page One’s fruit model, the Spinosaur, actually swam in the ocean! I’m telling you this now, so you can– wait, what!?!? You had already fixed it on chapter 983 to a tail with fins!?! Oh, c’mon! When I finally had some news to give…

Oda: Oh, so you noticed it? Indeed, since Page One’s introduction, they found a fossil part that is thought to be from a Spinosaur. And that changes his bone structure! I was caught in a bit of a pinch, but I thought I could sneakly change it and no one would notice, lol. Paleontology is making new discoveries every day!

D: Please tell me the names and heights of the Oniwabanshu members!

Oda: Sure thing. Don’t worry if you can’t memorize them. I threw in their special attacks too for good measure.

Left-to-right, Top-to-bottom

– Fukurokuju: 221cm, “Earlobe Cracker”
– Daikou: 436cm, “Metamorphosis”
– Hanzou: 544cm, “Floating”
– Sarutobi: 378cm, “Illusion”
– Kazekage: 192cm, “Summoning”
– Jigoku Benten: 225cm, “Silent Gun”
– Fujin: 200cm, “Oil Wrestling”
– Raijin: 200cm, “Oil Wrestling”
– Bishamon: 182cm, “Water Droplet”
– Chome: 150cm, “Paralysis”
– Yazaemon: 180cm, “Arrow”

D: Can Gifters change at will between their human and animal forms? Or does it depend on the fruit?

Oda: It depends on the fruit. SMILEs are human-crafter devil fruits, so it’s all sorts of unstable. Although all of them get the power of beasts, some of them get stuck in that form and have to put up with it (such as quarreling with a lion on their belly, or being eaten by a hippo). Some SMILE user get really powerful transformations, but it’s really a gamble.