After One Piece Chapter 1028, we know that Sanji already awakened his power like his Vinsmoke siblings. That’s a big Power Up on Sanji considering his big weakness is his durability.

Also, in the last chapter, we found out that Rob Lucci called CP-0 in Wano regarding Kaido’s defeat, and they have an objective to capture Nico Robin again.

That’s pretty much confirmed Strawhats have to fight against CP-0 and World Government forces later. If that happens, someone needs to lead Straw Hat Pirates to fight CP-0 after they deal with the Beast Pirates.

Luffy and Zoro might be running out of stamina because they already fought Kaido. And we still don’t know when does the “Senzu beans” effect on Zoro will be taking a part. (maybe after fighting King?). Sanji would be the only strongest Strawhats to be able to fight CP0.

So, the big question is:

After awakening the exoskeleton (and maybe more Power Up to come), will Sanji lead Strawhats fight against CP-0 and World Government forces in Wano? If it’s him, Sanji’s words in Thriller Bark will come true.