Rocks D. Xebec is one of the legendary figures from the world of One Piece who ruled the seas long before the Great Pirate Era. As the first rival of Roger, Rocks is more powerful even that of Whitebeard as he fought Roger countless times before his death at the hands of both the alliance of Roger and Garp. However, we still don’t know what his devil fruit is. Thus, in this post I will share a theory about his devil fruit.

Rocks was the previous user of the Goro Goro No mi (Enel’s devil fruit). In general, the Goro Goro is considered one one the most devastating fruits and I feel like Rocks would have been able to it it to its fullest extents. For example, he could have been the one who created “Raijin” island.

When Rocks died in God Valley, the island disappeared and with the fruit having nowhere else to go, went up to Enel’s hometown. With the fruit out of the Marine’s grasp, they began to look into how they can counter the Goro Goro no mi should it fall into the hands of a pirate again.

Enter the Gomu Gomu no mi. In One Piece Chapter 1017, we learned that the World Government were transporting the fruit to an unknown location before Shanks stole it (I’m guessing Shanks also knew of the fruit’s significance).

I think the World Government was trying to secure the fruit so that they can have a hard counter to the Goro Goro no mi should it reappear again.

It’s just a theory, so it can be right or wrong. But I hope I was able to bring some interesting ideas to the table. Let me know what you think!

Theory by Narwhal