One Piece Chapter 1062 revealed to us that Vegapunk split himself into 6 parts, each with a different name and a characteristic however the one which stood out the most to me was PUNK 04 PYTHAGORAS (Wisdom).

I believe that Pythagoras will be the most important satellite out of all and may explain us about some of the most important mysteries of One Piece. Before I get into that, I just wanna lay something out. It seems that each satellite has made inventions of its own.

– Lilith invented this giant mecha and the sea beasts by the look of it since she said that she must have messed up the programming.

– Atlas invented the AIRCON and the food vending machine.

This makes it clear that each Satellite has inventions of its own and i think that Pythagoras made the SSG and the replica of Kaido’s Devil Fruit. In fact, he is probably the same person who performed surgery on Kuma. Stick with me for a bit.

Basically, the real Pythagoras believed in metempsychosis or transfer of souls. This basically holds the idea that once a person dies, the soul gets transferred to another body. Diogenes Laërtius reports that Pythagoras could remember 4 of his previous lives (notice how Pythagoras Is PUNK 4?).

Pythagoras will be the one who will explain us the mystery of Devil fruits.

Devil fruits exist in a cycle of reincarnation. Whenever a Devil Fruit user dies, the fruit reincarnates into a similar looking fruit. Same idea which the real life Pythagoras believed in which leads me to believe that PUNK 4 will be the one who will explain us the workings of Devil fruits. Since he holds this much info on Devil Fruits, he’s probably the same guy who cloned Momo’s fruit.

Many people have also theorised that Vegapunk transferred Kuma’s soul into his Seraphim model which is also plausible considering he split himself into 6 parts.

Tldr: PUNK 4 (Pythagoras) is the most important satellite since he is be the one who will explain us the workings of Devil Fruits.

Theory by Xplorer67 (