I believe we all know Buggy will become the next Yonko alongside Luffy. It’s a big shock, the way for Buggy to become a Yonko may be when the marines that tried to capture him got hit by a natural disaster and Buggy gets credits for it, but what if there are “evidence” of foreshadowing and logical reasoning for it?

What Buggy has, similar to previous Yonkos

Looking at the similarities among previous Yonkos, Kaido, Big Mom, Whitebeard, Blackbeard (Shanks excluded because we know so little), there are some criteria they all have.

– Quite a big pirate crew: Buggy with his Buggy’s Delivery, consist of the administration Cabaji, Alvida, Galdino, Mohji, Richie etc, but also the Impel Down Inmates, they are all dangerous criminals and believably strong, on top of former mercenaries like Hajrudin the giant.

– Being a threat to the World Government: Buggy, other than being a pirate, also leads Buggy’s Delivery specializes in sending pirates and other powerful warriors to assist a country or group in battle if they pay for it. It’s literally Germa 66 with less German and science.

– Territory: Kaido has Wano, Big Mom has Whole Cake Island and formerly Fishman Island, Whitebeard has that small island where Nekomurashi and Marco met before the raid. Blackbeard has Fullalead/ Pirate Paradise, Luffy has Fishman Island now, Buggy has Emptee Bluffs Island. This is what Law and Kid do not have/ never mentioned they have. All Yonkos have a “hideout” or territory or island under their protection instead of like a stereotypical pirate who stays on ship.

Buggy’s background and how he is a dangerous man in the views of others

During Marineford War the world knows more about Buggy’s law and he is an absolute menace in the eyes of regular people in the One Piece universe.

– Previously Pirate King Gol D. Roger’s crew.

– Brotherly bond with current Yonko Shanks.

– Went to Lodestar Island and almost Laugh Tale , almost know what One Piece is.

– Survived a skirmish with Mihawk, unscathed (kinda satire here).

– Previous warlord.

– Leader of Buggy’s Delivery, a mercenary group.

– Filling up Doflamingo’s place in terms of business after Doffy’s defeat.

Messages and symbolism

Why Yonko Buggy works? Part 1 and 2 makes him a viable candidate already, but also the symbolism of Luffy shaking up the system and breaking status quo of what a Yonko should be! Luffy’s journey had already unintentionally lead to the abolishment of warlord system. Now, Joy Boy awakened Luffy going to bring this to the whole level, in the scale of Yonko!

Lastly, “ODA FORESHADOWED THIS MOMENT”, Volume 25 Cover might be foreshadowing the Yonkos after the saga – Shanks , Blackbeard, Luffy, Buggy.

Theory by madnerl (https://www.reddit.com/user/madnerl)